Apr 5, 2009

Feature: RazorCandi

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GGotW: Has Transylvania, your new home, been accepting to your style?
RC: I'm going to have to say not really. Though 3 out of 4 people ignore it and go about their business the majority still tend to drop their jaws when they see my face full of jewelry and colored hair (and that's when I am not dressed up). I think circumstances would be a lot different if we were to be in a car than walking on the street.

GGotW: Do you find many opportunities to model in Romania, or do you have to travel to work?
RC: I have found a few decent photographers here in Romania, but I do still have to travel about three to six hours just to shoot with them. It has become exasperating so I plan to get my own SLR Camera.

GGotW: What has been the hardest part of your move to Europe?
RC: The hardest part so far was leaving all my things behind. Of course I miss my family and friends too but I am dying to get my shoes and clothing!

GGotW: Are there things that you miss about your home in the US?
RC: I miss dressing up and going to clubs, parties, and events, and I really miss the convenient 24 hour stores like Wal-Mart, I prefer to avoid shopping around people as much as possible and it was really nice to do my shopping at 3 am when most of the world was asleep. Everything closes here so early and is hardly even open on the weekends; this really creates crowded shopping spaces.

GGotW: What has been your favorite shoot to date?
RC: I have a few favorite shoots, I really like the ones I have done with Joe Traina at The Castle because that kinda used to be my stomping ground and I always love Joe's work. I also liked working with Mojokiss, he is spectacular photographer and uses awesome lighting skills, and his photography is unique and always stands out. I also love the set that Kamilia did of me with the violin.

GGotW: What would you like to shoot that you haven't?
RC: I still have a lot of ideas in mind for shoots, once summer comes rolling around the weather warms up a bit I have a set planned using a Long Nose Venetian Mask. I have always been interested in doing a mask shoot because a lot of my sets focus a lot on my make up but using a mask will be a much different approach than I am used to and in some ways more artsy.
** Up-Date Razor Candi has a new book out. Razor Candi Classics Vol. 1. Her LiveJournal site has more details on ordering. There is also an new interview with her over at Miss Destructo.

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Anonymous said...

I absolutly love Razor Candi, what a great pick! In my opinion she should be goth girl of the YEAR. Her fashion inspires me (and so does her hair; how can she change the color so ofte yet still manage to keep her hair looking healthy?). Plus her modeling skills are out of this world.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your kind words :) I really appreciate it!

Anonymous said...

Great feature such an Amazing model she's amazing great interview I found her experience in romania especially interesting!

Anonymous said...

gorgeous...her face is truly stunning

Anonymous said...

Emigmatic, intelligent, and exquisite!

Lesirat said...

Razor, you are one of the most talented models I have ever seen. You are beautiful, creative, and have an eye for aesthetics that few can match. An inspiration in form as well as function, I hope Romania becomes for you everything you desire it to be.

I lament never having a chance to see you perform at Castle.

Anonymous said...

hi i m from transilvania, the best part of romania... i like so much goth style and your pictures too. when i m going on the street vith my wife Adela drest up goth there are so many with bad comments even form my famyly.

the soots more than beautiful and i hope you will have more in romania

adastrah said...

ever since i discovoured RazorCandi a few years back, shes beein a source of awe, facination, and inspiration to me. She's still phenomenal, and so shall remain

Anonymous said...

I think that it is very hard to move to another country - respect! I always wanted to move to the USA but I chose to stay in Germany because of my friends and family. So: Respect to RazorCandi!


Kitt Bats said...

You, razorcandi, have become one of my rolemodels in the last few years to get me to open up and really be myself. thanks!
-kitt killswitch

Anonymous said...

When are you coming back to Tampa??? ;-)