Oct 29, 2010

Feature: Stiletto 13

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GGotW: Where do your influences come form?
S13: My modeling influences come from the Post-Punk music scene , the emergence of the Gothic culture and music of the mid 1980's, Victorian fashion, the Baroque era, and from Old School Gothic rock!!

GGotW: You seem to be a current hit in Alt modeling, what do you attribute that to?
S13: Thank you! : ) - I think that my current popularity stems from these things: the fact that I'm still modeling in my mid-40's is one reason! It is unusual for a woman of my age to still be modeling on a regular basis! I actually began modeling when I was 18 years old, as a mainstream Petite Model, but then switched to Alt Styled Modeling because I was more comfortable with it, being a Goth since I was 15 years old!!

I was forced to take a break from my modeling career, as my previous husband did not approve of it. After that relationship thankfully dissolved, I got right back into what I love to do most , and the rest is history!

Also , I am of Japanese- Canadian descent! I have an unusual look that you don't see that often, and that does help! Because I look young for my age, I am able to look younger in my photos, and this also is a plus!! I have a very positive and outgoing attitude, and I believe that this, in and of itself, has helped me to re-launch my career!

Being this age is beneficial, in that I feel the most self-confident that I have ever felt. Maturity does have its rewards.

GGotW: How does your music play into that current popularity?
S13: I have always loved music, and played in a Punk rock band when I was 18 to 25 years old! I believe that music and fashion are strongly intertwined and inter-related! Music and fashion modeling puts you in the foreground! They both attract attention from an attentive audience, and they are both creative in that they affect all of our senses! I think that being on stage and in front of the camera are both very similar experiences , and project a certain mood and affect. They both require confidence, creativity and energy! Being a Goth model and a Goth musician binds the two together in one intensely powerful creative force!

GGotW: Does being Asian or Canadian make it harder to model and find modeling work?
S13: The answer is both Yes and No! On one hand , being of a unique looking ethnicity can be fascinating to some photographers, and also being a mature model can be intriguing! It creates excitement because it is rare and different! On the other hand , many people in our society do not value maturity, or of being of an exotic , unique culture or background! So, I would say that it is both difficult and easy - it depends on who you're dealing with, and for what reasons! Some will love me for who I am and how I look; others will choose to overlook me altogether! It has been pretty much 50/50! Being Canadian is somewhat challenging, as most of the big Goth/Alt designers and businesses operate and thrive in the USA , UK , Australia , and Europe. The Alternative Scene in Canada is small and more limited, so I find that the Internet helps to put me in touch with the Alternative Modeling Scenes outside of my native country!

GGotW: Give us an idea of some of the photographers you've worked with?
S13: I work with photographers who are still in training, to some of the best in my location! Some have been students that are fine tuning their skills, whilst others are well-seasoned and experienced photographers who are very well-known and in high demand! I have also worked with photographers that specialize in Portraiture, Landscapes, Fashion and Hobbyists as well.

GGotW: Where have your images appeared?
S13: My images have appeared on various Goth / Alternative Fashion Sites , such as : Art of Adornment , Retroscope Fashions, Supervixens Boudoir Photography, Recollections, and Ms Purdy. I have photos that will soon be appearing on Kambriel, Chicstar, and Pink Label Corsets. I have been published on the following Alternative Fashion / Scene Magazines: Carpe Nocturne Magazine, EGL Magazine, and recently on fiXE Magazine!

GGotW: Tell the readers about your current musical works.
S13: Currently , the band I am part of: Groit, is in rehearsal mode , for upcoming performances in our local area. It is a mix of New Wave, Electronic, Goth rock and Industrial genres. We also write new music to add to our repertoire, to add variety and something fresh now and then! Our next performance will be in Winnipeg, for our annual New Year's Eve Goth event: Apocalypse 2011! I am really looking forward to this Night, as it is well-attended and is a big event for our local Goth community!

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Joan V said...

Thank you for choosing me to be this week's Goth Girl! Your site rocks! XOXO : )

Anonymous said...

Joan is an absolute inspiration. Probably one of the best GGotW features so far

Scarlett Knight said...

I love it!

DarkDestiny said...

What a pleasure it is to have such a talented and seasoned alt model here in Canada! Keep up the great work Joan !

Anonymous said...

Wow! Thank you so much , Erin! 8 ) XOXO!

BN said...

wow, so cute!I love your blog darling!

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Luxury and elegance. Full