Nov 7, 2010

Feature Rifká

Goth Metal Model from SpainMySpace


GGotW: Spain, where you are from, always seems to be portrayed as sunny and warm place.
How does a Goth survive in such a climate?
In winter it can be really cold! and in summer I just keep the boots and the black clothing, but I wear short pants and skirts, and strap shirts.

GGotW: What is the story behind the name Rifká?
Rifká: I was at a conference given by a Jewish ex-spy and I asked his wife the meaning of my name Rebeca. She couldn't translate it, but she told me the original pronunciation was Rifká (Reb-kah, literally).

GGotW: How did you get started modeling?
Rifká: I liked modeling, but I didn't like the average clothing and styles. I discovered Lady Angellyca (forever slave) and then I found out alternative models existed. I booked a shoot and then I made my portfolio to start modeling.

GGotW: Who have you modeled for?
Rifká: I am in several websites and I have worked with some photographers. But I have modeled for Miss Selfdestructive's alternative clothing, for the metal band Fifth Wound, I was the first featured model in Antipretty and I was last year walking on the Goth Week of Madrid's parade, going to repeat this year also.

GGotW: Is there a lot of call for Alt modeling in Spain?
Rifká: Not really. There are photographers who like some dark images for their portfolios and also some goths who like taking photo shoots just for fun. But Alt models are few.

GGotW: What is the Metal scene in Madrid like?
Rifká: There are not lots of metal fans in general, but there are certain places where you can find an interesting metal community here. They usually hang out in Bajos de Argüelles and they meet at lot in concerts and metal pubs.

GGotW: What is Bajos de Argüelles?
Rifká: Bajos de Argüelles is a big concentration of rock and metal pubs in Madrid.

Gothic Steampunk GirlGothic Steampunk GirlGothic Steampunk GirlGothic Steampunk Girl

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ArchiePattersons said...

I really love her look, especially the gaze in her eyes--- does it all for me, a look of deviancy. Your clothes can't emulate that, that's for sure.

Leighton said...

She's gorgeous!

The pic at the boottom right corner,that's the best one, very sexy!

Anonymous said...

Drop dead gorgeous!

Domino said...

Rifka.. I am your Spanish-American Soulmate...! You are so beautiful, it hurts :0 I would treat you as the Spanish Queen you so clearly are - you wouldn't regret it - I promise :D . Come to Denver - Please!
:P *end of begging rant...*

Always in my Dreams...

XX Domino XX

Unknown said...

Rika :she`s the most beautiful and lovely of the list..

TheKobag said...

La única que merece el premio...

Admin said...

TheKokag; Atención, no odio a las otras chicas

Domonic Brown said...

I love ur photos wow stunning i love them i could look at them all day <3

Anonymous said...

Just wow. Your the best looking one.

Anonymous said...

i think she is sexy

antonio santos p said...

rifka es hermosisima, merece ganar

Anonymous said...

Beautiful indeed..but I must say that all these girls till now deserve the prize:X

Anonymous said...

She has a seductive gaze