Feb 5, 2011

Feature: Yulia Molotowa

Deviant Art


GGotW: When did you first become interested in the Gothic style?

YM: I first became interested in the Gothic style with about 14 years. I had this sort of insatiable desire to find out who I am. Since I can think I had been fascinated by morbid things and 'dark' aspects in art and styling, which inevitably led me to the Gothic scene someday.

GGotW: Did you dive into it yourself, right away?
YM: Mainly I did, yes, although I cost me a lot of arguments with Mum and Dad :) But now, they accept it pretty well and see that this is me. *laughs*

GGotW: When did you start modeling?
YM: I had my first photo shoot just for fun in summer 2009 with an acquaintance of mine. Doing photo shoots earliest became a hobby in April 2010, where I had my first rather professional and more planned model shoot. But I usually do not think of myself as being a model until October 2010, when I became more active with living out my ideas in sets and scenery and where photo shoots became not only a hobby, but a passion.

GGotW: What photographers have you worked with?
YM: I have worked with photographers like Andi Bell, Michael Kueper and Moritz Maibaum, and also Catherine Lee Mason and some more :)

GGotW: What styles do you like to wear?
YM: I like a lot of different styles and aspects of Styling, I mainly prefer the fetish style with lots of patent, PVC and latex, classical Gothic styling and parts of cyber-styling. But also Burlesque styles fascinate me a lot.

GGotW: What do you do when you are not modeling?
YM: Besides modeling, making my own clothes, accessories and hairfalls is one of my greatest passions. I like to be creative, I occasionally also draw and paint. I like meeting my friends and going out clubbing all dolled up, but there are other days where I rather prefer staying at home reading a good book.

GGotW: What has been you best experience as a model?
YM: I think that would be definitely meeting Andi Bell for working with him for the first time. I was very surprised he was interested in working with such a "newbie" like me, as he has been shooting with other, more experienced models as me. I was very excited and nervous but also very pleased how well it went actually - it was a good feeling to get this confirmation that I got somewhat of a talent for it.

GGotW: What would your ultimate photoshoot involve?
YM: Lots and lots of different costumes (preferably self-made), make-up craziness, creative ideas and a good laugh, things to talk about besides the actual shooting stuff - well, I think every photo shoot I did so far had been a sort of ultimate one, because I was lucky to work with such interesting and nice photographers.

GGotW: How do you prepare for a photoshoot?
YM: I often sew/make my outfits and accessories myself, and invent/practice new make-up, ideas that have been spinning in my head.
Mainly this is all of the preparation I do, because I think the rest often comes whilst shooting - a bit of spontaneity is important, maybe even more as a good planning.

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Demon said...

Her image in white is amazing. The White adds a level of intrigue that she doesn't have in the others. The piercings are a wonderful touch as well.

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