Feb 2, 2011

Goth Girl of the Year 2010 Winner

Goth Girl of the Year 2010
I am please to announce the winner of Goth Girl of the Year 2010.

Bellow Dark Water

This fiery Aussie red-head is also in the running for Miss Alternative 2010 and has been modeling since 17.



Demon said...

She does offer many things that are quite pleasing to the eye. The way she bends, the tilt of her head, the position of her fingers. They all scream to be examined. And then there is the shape of her body as well. Let us not forget that in haste. Over all, she is very lovely and is deserving of the 2010 Goth Girl Of The Year.

Virgil Allen Moore

Sara said...

She deserves it! Great choice :)

Eileen said...