Jul 10, 2011

Feature: Amiria Divine Pt.2

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Amiria Divine was originally Featured in October of 2009, since then a few things have changed in her life, so a whole new feature is in order.

GGotW: What got you started as a goth model?
AD: It's difficult to say really. I've always been a fan of the weird and unique not to mention photography so as a very young teen I combined the two and bam here is me :) The influences in my life were video-games (Final Fantasy mostly) and believe it or not Fran Drescher from The Nanny. She is the definition of a real woman. I love her.

GGotW: What took you from the windy city of Chicago to the south of England?
AD: It was my other half :) Having known him about 2 years over the net, sparks flew in late October 2009 when we finally chatted via Skype and it led to us meeting two months from that time. We just couldn't wait and since then we have been inseparable.

GGotW: Who have you worked with?
AD: Wow I've been lucky to work with many artistic individuals the past 8 years I've been modelling. Here is a small list:

Photographers: Dastardly Dave, Emspace Photography, Steven Ledell, MProphet, JohnnyFlameThrower, VAM, Kevin Thayer, Cannibalized.

Models: Asphyxia, Ami Amnesia, Autopzzy, and of course Duck.

GGotW: What keeps you modeling?
AD: The drive to create art and to create something epic. I love sharing what I can create whether it's photography, modeling, or drawing/painting.

GGotW: How often do you get out and shoot?
AD: It's really random. When Duck and I were in Chicago we shot at least 3 times a week. Now that we are back in the South-West we hardly shoot because he has loads of work to do. Hopefully in a few months time we will shoot more than once a month. Really sucks when you just have this drive to suddenly shoot and just can't. We will be making items and shooting but will not be posted til sometime in late 2011 or beginning of 2012 so you need to stay tuned.

GGotW: What do you do when you're not modeling?
AD: Hhhmm My days are mostly lazy really. I do love video-games so I'm constantly on my PS3 or on my laptop editing images or video. If I get sick of sitting down glued to a screen I end up modifying my clothes or making jewelery pieces. I also love spending time with my husband, Duck, so we are always doing something such as traveling, building (sets, cars, etc.), or cuddling up watching a new movie every night. Oh did I mention we love ghost hunting too?

GGotW: Have you have any particularly interesting Ghost hunting tales?
AD: Sadly I have none. It's usually the same thing, investigate places that could be haunted (usually looking on the net or finding out from the people around the area), exploring and getting spooked by the occasional odd noise that usually ends up being made by one of us hahaha. We are new to it and look forward to exploring Europe's most haunted places.

GGotW: That could make a cool web series.

GGotW: Are the photographers in England different than the ones in the US?
AD: I haven't been shot by anyone in the UK but I have been observing and speaking to a few for over a year now. I can honestly say though they are less creative here and rely immensely on (celebrity) status. I think because it's just such a small country everyone wants to be known and no matter how shit you are as long as your status is high they will kiss your ass and consider you 'amazing'. Latex is extremely common here, so common it's a bit sickening. Creative models are also rare here but what is abundant is the make-up artists. There are very few creative individuals that I have been blessed to speak with. I'm currently in contact with them so it's only a matter of time before I get to work with them. I really miss the States, it sucks here when it comes to the entertainment industry.

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Brian McSorley said...

Love the military goth look. You are right about the brits obsession with z-list celebs. not much better in the emerald isle.