Sep 22, 2011

Feature: Noise Noire

Model Kart


GGotW: You've been Modeling for five years, what got you started?
NN: I always loved the gothic stuff and clothes and also anime cosplays. At different conventions (where I was first at 14/15 years) I met some cosplayers who also knew a photographer and we did some short shoots at different conventions together. It was really fun and I loved being creative with my styling and posing. After a while (I was 17 then) I decided to register at a German model & photographer community to meet new photographers. I also wanted to make new experiences and get more advanced. After only one day I already had a few requests and so the whole thing started to become a regular part of my life.

GGotW: What is your favorite colour?
NN: Oh I guess everyone will know looking at the color of most of my clothes or parts of my hair! I LOVE pink/fuchsia!

GGotW: Why?
NN: Maybe because my genes are of a woman... ;) I'm not sure but I always love intensive colors because they have so much expression.

GGotW: Who are your favorite photographers to work with?
NN: There are so many really great and creative photographers! Though I'm doing many many shoots with Catherine Lee Mason - he is also my life partner (I was already modeling for over three years when I met him so it's the "every Jack will find his Jill" thing I guess). And of course I also like Uwe Zeller, because he was the first photographer I did a shooting with in the community and we still are doing shoots from time to time!

GGotW: What has been your best experience as a model?
NN: There are so many great experiences! It's always great to get response from others for your whole work and meeting new people (photographers and other models, too).

GGotW: Who do you look up to?
NN:  No one special, but generally I look up to people who are creative and adventurous and are just living out the styles and things they love!

GGotW: What do you hope to be doing in the future?
NN: I hope that I can go on with modeling and to get more paid work for this 'cause all the clothes and also materials are sometimes quite expensive. First of all I always want to express something and be creative. I also love doing makeup for other models and designing accessoires. My biggest wish is to get my expenses paid through one of these creative things, some day.

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Anonymous said...

Gothic models are the most beautiful! ^_^

james said...

She is lovely