Oct 12, 2011

Feature: Saphire Rainforest


GGotW: What got you started as a model, and when?
SR: I started modeling about 3 months ago as a way to be included in the fashion industry in another way. I'm also an aspiring fashion designer, but I know that will take years to break into. Modeling allows me to meet photographers, models, designers, MUA's, and lots id wonderful people. People have told me for a long time that I should model, but I'm not interested in traditional modeling that would limit my creativity.  I'm open to many forms of modeling and I'm not limited to alternative styles, but I prefer it.

GGotW: Who have you worked with?
SR: I've worked with Ren GarczynskiGeorge Skepton, Darren of OSG Photography, Jason Mahafey of Jason M Photography, and Alena Interrupted.

GGotW: What has been you best experience as a model, to date?
SR: I've had very good experiences as a model,  Modeling for different sites, receiving  positive feedback, and having the pleasure of working with so many wonderful people. I'm discovering Designers, opportunities, other Alternative Models, and lots of things that I probably wouldn't know about if I didn't model.

GGotW: So do you usually wear your own fashions in your shoots?
SR: I try to wear my own fashions whether they are made from scratch or reconstructed. I wear store bought clothes too. I would love to wear designs by some of my favorite brands and designers though.

GGotW: What Are your favorite brands and designers?
SR: My favorite designers and brands are MT coffins, Retroscope, lip service, cyoflesh, toxic vision, demoniac, dark fusion boutique, blu zombie, bibian blue, Isabelle batz, decadent designs, hyde's vice,  sugar and spice DIY, etc.

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Brian said...

very funky style and beautiful girl. really cool.

Robin said...

u rok!