Feb 12, 2012

Feature: Paranoir

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GGotW: Who / What inspired you to model?
Paranoir: When I was younger my mum always tried to get me into casting agencies so that I could become an actress. I went to a modelling academy and trained to do catwalk shows as well as dance and other things, but I demanded that I didn't want to attend anymore because it was too usual and I wasn't enjoying any of it at all. So I stopped doing that when I was about thirteen and spent a few years growing up being a typical tween not fitting in and being bullied for how I was apparently different. I learned to embrace the differences that I had, I harnessed it and now use it as a medium to create art forms. I watched a lot of people around me go into modelling but they seemed to all be very alike and I wanted to be up there and being noticed for being different. A few years went by and finally I got the courage to start actually making an appearance. I just come up with my concepts and then find people who would like to have me and the concept in their portfolio. Mostly my inspiration comes from Marilyn Manson, all of his art and the occult works, and his shock rock scapegoated appearance. He really inspired me in all forms that being different is to be valued and cherished and that it's so unusual to find in these days and it should be expressed entirely in any form possible, Also I always spent a lot of time looking at the work of Chad Michael Ward, I do love his photography and films! And so I wanted to express my difference and show the world that there is beauty in darkness.

GGotW: How long have you modeled?
Paranoir: Well not including when I was younger and my mum tried to put me through lots of different things I have been modeling for a bit over a year now! I know that I have a long way to go but I just enjoy it as a hobby and I like making the pictures and seeing people react to something different. I don't shoot nearly as much as other models, but when I do shoot I like to think that it was well worth the wait. A good concept takes alot of time and preparation and even practice! I also get alot of props and things from all over the globe which means it can take a while for my stuff to get here, but seeing as our little isolated Perth doesn't have quite as much as the world has to offer, it's well worth the wait!

GGotW: Who have you worked with?
Paranoir: I have had alot of chances to work with some rather big names in the Perth Photography Scene. I have also done work for clothing companies and hosted some events. I worked with Red Dusk Designs which is an amazing Corset and Clothing Business here in Perth and I am even on their website. I have also worked with Dusk Moth Designs, which is an Alternative Clothing Brand in Australia. I have been a host for a body painting show at one of our local clubs and was a model for a hair salon here in Perth who entered an international competition! I've been so lucky to work with an amazing photographer, her name is Aston and she is the artist behind HEX ALTERNATIVE PHOTOGRAPHY. She has given me alot of exposure and I have been in her calendar aswell as in a published photography book, and our photos together have won competitions. She is a really amazing photographer and we seem to meet very eye too eye as she loves shooting horror too! Another rather big name is David Wooley, I had the priverlage of working with David and a very talented makeup artist Siouxane Martinic. We got to shoot in a huge vintage train museum which they closed from the public for us too use for a day! It was very fun and was my first Steampunk shoot!

GGotW: You do a lot of horror themed shoots, but what else do you do?
Paranoir: Yes I do indeed do rather alot of horror themed shoots, however I am not limited to such genre. I have been told when I am working within the theme of horror and smothered in blood that it shows off in my photos. Other themes that I tend to do are Horrotica, Gothesque, Gorelesque, Alternative, Conceptual and Dark or Gothic Advent-Garde. I also like doing Steampunk, Fantasy, Lolita, Pinup, Vintage, Fetish, and Burlesque. All the while I like to keep my personal look rather strong so that I don't just look like an imitation.

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