Dec 5, 2012

Year in Review 2012

GGotW 2012
We come to the end of another year and its time to look back at the site and the Girls. Things have really fallen off, traffic is down to nearly half of 2011 and Features were at 2006 levels, and that was a half year. I have three interviews in the last five months, and one failed to respond to questions. 5,800 visits per month and an increase to 412 Subscribers, up by 42 over last year.

This year we Featured ten Goth Girls of the Week, all of whom are eligible for Goth Girl of the Year 2012. Voting will be a little different this year as we'll award both a Goth Girl of the Year 2012, and a Goth Girl Fan Favourite 2012. Could be the same girl :)

Featured Models will vote via email as they have in past years, but my assistants and I wont be voting this year. This vote will determine Goth Girl of the Year. Only if there is I tie will my Assistants vote.

The public can look through the profile images and links below to determine their favorite, and use the Micropoll below to vote. Any evidence of cheating or ballot stuffing will result in a new more restrictive vote tool, or the removal of the Goth Girl Fan Favourite 2012.

Evgeniya Angelwhore


Roxanna Dellamorte


Leanan Bloodflower

Anna Marine



Macabre Lilith

Niky Hearts

Metea Wolfova

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