Jul 4, 2006

Photo Shoot

Currently we are planning an outdoor photoshoot around town. We've been in touch with several models, both male and female, and now we need to coordinate dates and times. If you were contacted or not and are interested in the idea of a photo shoot please get in touch.

We have a few locations for the shoot staked out, all in the downtown core, or very close to. Of course this is a great way to get images of your self for Goth Girl.

The committee has held a vote on the issue of male appearances on GGotW, and we've hit a tie. The compromise that we've reached, is that males can appear but not as the weekly feature. We'll update the rules shortly.



Carl's Photos said...

Any idea when you are going to get going on this? I'm off work for the first week of August, July 31-Aug 5th, back work on the sunday.

Falcona said...

We are moving slowly to try and acomidate as many people's scheduals as possible. The only day I know I have off right know is July 27. I'll see what I can do durring your time off.