Aug 5, 2006

How it works

Welcome to Goth Girl of the Week (GGotW) your home to see or be, the nets hottest goth girl. Once we get the ball rolling this site will feature a new goth girl every week as well as News and Profiles of photographers & sites that bring you the best gothic content.

Seeing as Blogger can adjust the number of posts shown at any time we will be altering this as we make new posts. At the top of the page should be our Goth Girl of the Week followed by Profiles and News.

At the end of the month the Committee, currently four members, will vote for their favorite Goth Girl of the Month, who will be invited to vote on the following month's girl.

For those who've been asking to see a sample of what the site is going to look like, we are working on it, just the designer has been swamped at work of late.

Those that have been talked to about the photoshoot, its looking more and more like Aug 11-13 in the James Bay area.


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