Sep 1, 2019

Feature: Pix

Images: Zac Emery

IdentifiesNon-Binary (They/Them)
Height5' 8" (173cm)

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GGotW: Everyone today is multifaceted, how do you describe yourself? 
Pix: I feel like a bunch of random parts put together. Like a random roulette of skills (sewing and cooking and roller derby and tinkering with machines, etc.) put into a package that’s perceived as this one object. People tend to be surprised that I’m not a total ditz; in the world, people seem to assume there’s not a lot going on here, whether due to the tattoos or my age I don’t know.

GGotW: What forms of art do you enjoy pursuing?
Pix: I play ukulele and sing, I paint and sculpt, I sew, I write, I bake; honestly anything artistic I will try. The artsy-er the better. A lot of pages around here are covered in doodles.

GGotW: What are your struggles?
Pix: I have chronic pain and severe anxiety disorders. I have fibromyalgia and a connective tissue disorder (EDS) that means my joints and cells are super stretchy. Works really well in my job as a life model! I can find some really neat positions. It also means I’m more prone to injury and, having only had this diagnosed at adulthood, that meant a lot of my youth was spent not understanding why I hurt all the time or why life was harder than it should be.

GGotW: What gets you through the day?
Pix: I have 2 cats I love, I drink a lot of tea and smoke a lot of weed. I love art and exploring what’s out there to enjoy. Knowing that I can’t control the situation always but I can control my reaction to it drives me to live Life™️ and look for what’s out there.

GGotW: How have Canada's new marijuana laws affected you?
Pix: Laws: it’s interesting; they have made me feel more secure medicating out in the world, but it’s made my medication a lot more expensive. I’ve had a prescription for years now so it’s been a thing before it was legal. With recreational use being legal now, there are extra taxes on my medicine though. Less selection available for medicinal patients because it’s mainly going to recreational. So I’m conflicted. I’m glad it’s becoming more accepted because the alternative for pain relief is narcotics, and I’d rather avoid those side effects. Marijuana has a lot of medicinal benefits with dementia, cancer, epilepsy, etc; can you say that about tobacco or cigarettes, other similarly regulated products? 

GGotW: I see you use Alien in your self-description, how do you mean that?
Pix: I don’t understand people very much. It feels like everyone resonates on a frequency, and it’s hard to find complementary people. I feel like I am truly a default “human” body (not feminine not masculine but an equal mix of both) but I haven’t been able to shake the feeling that I don’t fit in. The stars have a massive draw, too.

GGotW: Where do you see yourself in a few years?
1: I hope to be found by a company that has the same ideals as I do and be their brand model.
2: I want to run a roller rink/bnb with every fibre of my being. I have all the details figured out, now it’s just finding an investor.
3: Just happy. I hope to be happy by then.

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