Aug 14, 2006

News: Dark Knight

Batman Begins producer Charles "Chuck" Roven is back on board for the sequel The Dark Knight and Superhero Hype! caught up with the man at the junket for Universal's Idlewild where he also served as producer.

About the rumours flying around about Roven says, "One of the things that we have always done--we did it with the first Batman movie in which we were involved, Batman Begins, we don't comment on any rumors because it takes all the fun away."

But he did talk a about Heath Ledger in the cast. "We're really thrilled about Heath Ledger playing The Joker. As Chris Nolan said, the great thing about Heath is he commits himself fully and totally to everything he does. He's just a brilliant, brilliant actor and you know this Joker is a very interesting dark fellow."

Schedule wise - "We are supposed to start shooting what we call a preshoot, which we know what that is, in January and then the main body of the movie is going to start in March". The Dark Knight is tentatively due in June 2008.
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