Oct 16, 2006

Feature: Vivica Love


GGotW: Is your name your real name or a stage name? If a stage name what lead you to it?
VL: It's a stage name. Funny enough, I got my first name from a Jack off Jill song. And my last name from the lead singer of Hole. And I picked these 2 bands because Jack off Jill and Jessicka have always been big parts of my life. And I my not agree with everything Courtney has done, but I admire her spirit.

GGotW: Where do you hail from?
VL: I live in Pittsburgh PA

GGotW: Has modeling been easy where you live or do you find you need to travel for gigs?
VL: I mostly just do my own thing. Or if I modeling for other projects I have my photographer do my photos and send them where they need to go.

GGotW: What lead you to modeling?
VL: A good friend helped talk me into it, and I found it really gave me a self esteem boost.

GGotW: Was the gothic modeling your first genre, or did you start in another field and move into Goth?
VL: I guess so, I've always just been me and I've always had a taste for goth/fetish/pin up modeling.

Goth girl of the week corsetGGotW: Why are you now doing gothic modeling?
VL: I'm still just being me, just doing what I do, what I like. Which just happens to be goth style stuff.

GGotW: Who's your favorite photographer to work with?
VL: I have my own photographer and he does a wonderful job, but I wouldn't mind working with other people in the future.

GGotW: What keeps you busy when you're not modeling?
VL: I enjoy art for all forms, computers, shopping, comic books, cartoons, hanging out with friends, movies. I'm pretty much just a geeky girl with a goth exterior.

GGotW: When you model are the clothes yours already, or are they bought / designed special for the shoot?
VL: A little of both. Sometimes I just wear what I have, sometimes I buy things for a shoot and sometimes my good friend at designs something for me.

GGotW: What's your favourite outfit to date?
VL: One I haven't worn yet. I'm saving it for something special. Everyone will see pretty soon!

goth girl beautyGGotW: What is the coolest thing you've ever shoot?
VL: My beauty fiend set, that was really cool do to. Complete with pagent banner and dead roses.

GGotW: Have you ever been ask to do something in a shoot and weren't sure you wanted to?
VL: Most of the requests I get are from fans. If it's something I don't think I'd be comfortable doing I just decline. If it's something that I don't have an outfit for but am will to do I tell them if they supply the clothing I will do it.

GGotW: What's up next for you? More shoots, shows, or some other project that you're working on in another field.
VL: More shoots. I'm working more on my own site then I have. I did a lot of modeling for other sites, but I decided to just work mostly on my own. And work a little more on a new project I'm a part of. I really liked the idea behind and decided that it's something I can really get into. I'm so working on a site for the ladies with some good looking dark guys, I hope to have the open in the next few weeks.

goth girl vivica loveGGotW: When you started your website, was there a propose behind it other than exposure?
VL: It was more or less an experiment, would this actually work? Would I make it as a model? Would this help my self esteem. And it has, it's taken me a few years to get to the point I'm at but I'm slowing moving up the modeling food chain.

GGotW: What else would you like to tell us?
VL: I'd like to thanks my friends at dreadfuldollys for provding me with clothes and hair falls for most of my shoots. I don't know what I would do without you guys! And I'd like to tell all the girls that are thinking about modeling but are scared because of their body type, not to worry about it. The world is made up of all kinds of people that enjoy all kinds of things. Don't let your body type stop you. While you might not be the perfect size for yourself, you might be the perfect size for someone else. Never be afraid to try and never look back!

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