Oct 23, 2006

Feature: Skary Kerry

Goth on a beach


GGotW: What is the origin of your stage name?
SK: Skary Kerry..haha, I know, it is wicked cheesy but I love humor. I have worked in the tattoo industry now for 7 years. One of our piercers named me Skary because I usually speak my mind and (so they say) am intimidating when angered..hahaha.. But i adore horror movies, hell I grew up to them, so that had a bit to do with it I suppose.
red goth girl
GGotW: What part of the country do you live in?
SK: The deep and dirty south of the United States. New Orleans is my home.

GGotW: Has modeling been easy where you live or do you find you need to travel for gigs?
SK: When work permits, I usually don't have to travel. People find me plus I am really particuaular who I work with. I have been really blessed with just finding people who want to work with me close by

GGotW: What lead you to modeling?
SK: I love the art of dressing up and Halloween was and is my favorite holiday..haha, I love it so much that now it is apart of my identity..I am always wearing some kind of vintage piece, crazy boots and insane hair.

GGotW: Was the gothic modeling your first genre, or did you start in another field and move into Goth?
SK: Well, when I was 18 I was modeling for Sears and doing Promotion jobs for Pantene , etc..I could not stand all the rules, regulations, and just all the crap that comes with mainstream modeling. I quit modeling for a couple of years and around 22 I started modeling what I wanted and with my rules.

GGotW: Why are you now doing gothic modeling?
SK: Well, I guess I have been caterogorized at Gothic. I adore the music, fashion, and culture of the spooky lifestyle. I just express myself and have fun.I am an artist and modeling can be another outlet of artistic expression.Gothic Beauty Magazine
Gothic Beauty Magazine
GGotW: Who's your favourite photographer to work with?
SK: Oh dear, all of my photographers are great. I adore SufinBird who has helped me get 2 covers. Vanessa Hamlton of , from New Orleans and E-Ray Photography.

GGotW: What keeps you busy when you're not modeling?
SK: HAHA..working at EXO-GRAPHICS Tattoo and Body Piercing Studio in Destin, FL. and painting, sculpture, READING (which is an obession of mine)and buying vintage clothing.

GGotW: When you model are the clothes yours already, or are they bought / designed special for the shoot?
SK: A little combination of both, I do alot of vintage and I have designers that I work with, whom I adore!

GGotW: What's your favourite outfit to date?
SK: hmm..I have a few. A few pieces from Kambriel that I bought a couple of years back; a beautiful skirt and cape. They are both made out of a spiderweb type of material and they are just both beautiful. I also have a Lenore type dress that Crimson Empress made me that I love!

GGotW: What is the coolest thing you've ever shoot?
SK: hmmmmm..We did some pictures for our performance group Penetraila. Some of those pictures are just awsome..We used some of my art and a smoke machine and the images are just so intense..ohh, and they were done by Greg Heine:)

GGotW: What is the weirdest thing you've ever shoot?
SK: haha, I was a Computer Bride..I had computer parts, body paint, and tulle..DoppelGanger Photography shot it and we always have so much fun.

GGotW: What's up next for you?
SK: I am always working on one thing or another. I have the pleasure of knowing the owner of a company called and we are going to get together sometime this month to shoot for his Tattoo Magazine/Savage Tattoo ad. The ad should be out in a couple of months. Just recently I shot with SufinBird from NYC and I had designers send me some of their work for me to shoot in. So keep a look out for that set of photographs. I am finally getting up and running, the long awaited website. I have a full schedule in October of going to New Orleans for shooting, tattoo conventions, and of course, Halloween. Hopefully, within the next couple of months, Penetralia, (visceral-gore oriented performance group) will be back up and doing performances in New Orleans and the surrounding areas.

GGotW: When you started your website, was there are propose behind it other than exposure?
SK: Not really. I just wanted to get my work out there for people to see and network. Now, I have my artwork on it, my husband's tattoo work and modeling portfolio and other Skary related things.

GGotW: What else would you like to tell us?
SK: Always laugh..and never take yourself too seriously. I live by these words..you can go check out more of me at until gets up and running which will be soon..(replacing and updating websites is so much fun) Thanks so much to my fans and the people who love and support the scene..Without you, none of this would be possible. I would also like to thank from for all the love she give me and wickedtalent.com, she is one awesome lady!

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