Nov 8, 2007

Feature: Dj N3cr0phelia

DJ N3cr0phelia`s Site


Dj N3cr0phelia is a graduate student from Puerto Rico majoring in English literature with a minor in comparative literature. She's a year away from completing her Master's degree, which is the most important thing to her right now. She's fascinated by language, its mechanics and its psychology, and is in love with words.
N3cr0phelia's been winning awards, minor ones, of course, for pieces of prose, essays and poetry since she was in the fourth grade.

DJ N: I work as a tutor and teacher's assistant at the UPR, where I study.
I took piano lessons when I was younger, and I own a synthesizer, but wouldn't dare say that I play. For a short time, I was a member of a local band called RazorSun, but never got to perform with them, haha.
So it's safe to say that I'm a big music enthusiast, but I lack the skill, so I just listen, and sometimes, spin and mix. I'm a Dj at local goth clubs. I'm proud to be a staff member and Dj for Radio Clandestina, thanks to whom I've met musicians that I'm a big fan of, and have been a guest Dj for Alto Dominio.

DJ N: As a hobby, I like to draw, paint and do some minimal graphic design.
My website is an example. In it are contained some of my drawings and paintings, which are quite childish, but sincere.
I paint in oil and acrylics, and have been commissioned in the past.
Some of my artwork and pseudo-photography can be found at my deviantart account. I am inevitably immersed in the "goth" subculture, but I try hard not to be absorbed by the vanity that sometimes surrounds me.

GGotW: What got you into the goth scene?

DJ N: Oh, this is a tricky one. Although I discovered the local scene when I was about 16 years old, I think I was always kind of "goth" before I even knew what "goth" was. Even as a little girl, I had somewhat darker fixations and aesthetic taste... I started dressing mostly in black at around 12, when I fell in love with Edgar Allan Poe and wrote angsty poetry because the world didn't understand me. I suppose angst was the root of it all.
Then I started discovering bands that sang about things I felt. And then there was the internet, of course, where I started connecting with people with similar ideals and taste in music.

GGotW: What got you into radio work?

DJ N: Oh, I'm sorry if I was misleading, it's not radio work. I spin at local clubs, where I can at least see everybody dancing.
The person who got me into that was a friend, Dj Wanker from Radio Clandestina, who suggested I spin at a female vocalist themed goth party. He introduced me to club deejaying by inviting me and teaching me how to do it.

GGotW: What is you favorite thing about the gothic subculture?
DJ N: It gets to a point where you forget how things are in the outside world, haha, so we take it for granted. It is when I socialize in groups of conservative people, or who are mostly into pop culture, or from other "scenes," that I become fully aware of how much I enjoy the company of other "goths" - even when they annoy me. I don't know how it works in other countries, but here, it's like a big, dysfunctional family where everyone knows (and sometimes makes fun of) one another, but we accept each other. It's a network where you know people are bound to have at least a few things in common with you, and that makes way for easier understanding.
Regular people don't laugh as hard as your jokes sometimes, when you're a goth.

GGotW: Who's your favorite group to spin right now?
DJ N: I don't think I have a favorite group to spin, I always try to play whatever makes people dance. An empty dance floor dissapoints me.
Lately it seems, the noisier, the better, for most club kids... Combichrist, Terrorfakt, Xotox, Agonoize are requested a lot.
I personally like to spin either really silly or cheesy 80s synthpop songs. Surprisingly, people like dancing to them!

GGotW: Where do you spin?
DJ N: There's no definite venue, it all depends on where the crew from organize the events to be.
On the 10th I'll be spinning at our biggest yearly goth event, NeKropolis 6, I'm excited about that.

GGotW: How often do you spin?
DJ N: Not as often as I'd like because I'm very busy lately, but I try to whenever the boys from Radio Clandestina invite me.

GGotW: How would you describe the Puerto Rico goth scene?
DJ N: It's happy, ironically! For goths, that is...
I have no source of comparison except from what I hear from online friends and from the bands that have come to play... many of them comment how bouncy and friendly puertorican goths are. True, wearing goth gear and makeup is a bit too hot for the tropics, especially with all the bouncing around that we do, but it's lots of fun.

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Anonymous said...

beautiful miss narco! she's a very special and awesome person!


Eramthginru said...

That's awesome! Congrats!


PaperGirl said...

haha awesome!!
congrats to you dear sister & best friend!

Miss Paranoia

Jess said...

beautiful :x

Anonymous said...

To know her is to love her! She's one of my favorites persons in the world!

Congrats to Miss Narco and thanks for featuring her!

- Eifersucht

Anonymous said...

She's so sweet, talented, & pretty that you end up liking her!

Congrats to La Narco!

- Lukrezia

Anonymous said...

One of my best friends ever!
And that without having met her in person.

She is a beauty!



Anonymous said...

Wow! i've known you since before you started to wear black and i have to say you have evolved into a truly acomplished person.luv you

Att. Nelly

uvita said...

oh! <3
it's always a pleasure to cheer to a talented and special girl like you! <3

Anonymous said...

Miss Narco you rule always and forever!