Oct 26, 2007

Feature: Lyliak



is a Blonde haired, brown eyed, goth and fetish model, who's been modeling for damn near 20 years. She does it as a hobby, rather than a primary occupation.

Shes also a singer who landed a gig singing the National Anthem at the Caged Supremacy fights in Arizona. She also works as a make-up artist who's done everything from bridal, to club glam, to special effects work.

GGotW: When did you start modeling?
Lyliack: I started modeling about 15 years ago. Wow, that makes me feel old. lol

GGotW: Why did you start modeling?
Lyliack: I was tall, especially for my age, very photogenic, and everyone always complimented me on my eyes. A good friend who was also a photographer, suggested I let him take some shots, give it a try, see if I liked it. I started doing special effects/theatrical make up about the same time, and who better to practice on than myself? lol I realized I could wear a variety of looks, colors and styles with ease, which also made me an excellent candidate for a model. I already had a lot of acting experience as well as experience as a vocalist, so it seemed natural -- and, it was a lot of fun for me! Still is! It comes very easy for me, so I'm very lucky, and by being able to do my own hair/make up and having the acting and musical experience, I have a lot of options, which really keeps things fresh, new and exciting for me.

GGotW: What is the story behind the name Lyliack?
Lyliack: Lyliack is Romanian for Bat. The spelling is slightly tweaked to make it more visually pleasing (at least to me). I also have a fondness for purple and it was doubly cool that lilac, in English, is a shade of purple. Silly, I know, but the simple things amuse me. lol

GGotW: How should one pronounce Lyliack?
Lyliack: It's not as much of a mouthful as one may think. =)

GGotW: What kind of stuff have you done as a model?
Lyliack: Wow...everything from adult work to glamour to parts. I've done spokes model work, art gallery pieces focusing on my tattoos, privately commissioned pieces for homes in Europe and the States, magazine work, coffee table books, internet stuff...the list goes on and on.

GGotW: What wont you do as a model?
Lyliack: I'm not interested in doing anything pornographic anymore. I've done my time in that world, and I've moved on. I love doing erotic work though, and it's hard finding artists and photographers who know where that very fine line between erotic and pornographic should be drawn, so I don't get to do a whole lot of it.

GGotW: What draws you to fetish?
Lyliack: I like the edginess of it. It tends to be very sensual, very erotic and has so many creative options, both for the model and the photographer.

GGotW: Who would you like to work with that you haven't?
Lyliack: Good question. There are a lot of vocalists and musicians I'd like to work with, both as a model (i.e., music videos) and as a musician -- Avenged Sevenfold, Evanescence, Disturbed, Alice Cooper, David Coverdale -- just to name a few.

As far as other models and photographers/artists go, I'd love to work with Olivia (her artwork is just so amazing), and anyone who is laid back, easy going, and shares a similar creative vision. I'm also still very eager to work with my husband, who is a photographer and production designer! lol Strange as it sounds, he and I still haven't had a chance to work together as model/photographer or in any kind of film capacity -- our projects just never seem to line up.

GGotW: What work are you most proud of?
Lyliack: Most proud of...that's tough. I loved being spokes model for Division 731 Studios. I think recently, its been singing the National Anthem at the Caged Supremacy fights. That was more of a challenge and more terrifying than any photo shoot I've ever done. I'm also very proud of my work as a make up artist. I'm just very happy to be so multifaceted in this industry -- it allows me more challenge, more experience and exposure and more opportunities to have fun doing something I love. And, I think, in all honesty, I'm proud of just about everything I do. Every new project is a new challenge and when it's over with, and all said and done, having something that I'm happy with and the artist/photographer is happy with, is more than enough reason to be proud.

GGotW: What haven't you done in fetish modeling that you'd like to?
Lyliack: Wow...tough question. I want to do more vampire themed fetish work and I'd love to do some blood fetish stuff. Graveyards and classic car/pin up stuff also hold a lot of interest for me.

Lyliack can be found at myspace.com/lyliack drop by and add her.

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