May 4, 2008

Wave Gotik Treffen

What is probably the largest Gothic music festival gets started in 5 days in Germany. The 17th Wave Gotik Treffen starts May 9th and runs through May 12th in Leipzig, Germany.

As of May 2nd, over 150 bands had been booked for the festival. Bands from around the world are making the trek for this annual event, including Australia's Dandelion Wine Sweeden's Militant Cheerleaders On The Move and Mexico's Hocico, who should be celebrating Cinco de Mayo today. The States is well represented by a total of 11 acts, including Emilie Autumn and London After Midnight.

Lots of other events take place at this meeting, including the a picnic, as advertised to the right. If you're going and get a chance to take some pictures, we'd love to see them.

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