Apr 25, 2008

Feature: Jinx

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Jinx was born in the southern part of Iceland and grew up in the Baltimore/DC area. She recently moved to Charlotte, NC in 2007 to live with her fiance and work for Single Cell Productions as a dancer, stage actress and performance artist . Among other things she's a contortionist with a strong background in dance/musical theater as well as acting, the fine arts and figure skating.

Currently Jinx is working on her 3rd movie, and her first leading role. A slasher/horror film entitled "Special Affects", as well as touring the east coast with Purgatory-TheShow, where she performs by night and models by day.

GGotW: What got you started in performance?
Jinx: Well my parents have a strong background in the arts and they were a big influence on me. I started in ballet when I was about 3 years old, and figure skating when I was 7 years old. I loved it and was a competitive figure skater for 7 years. From there, I joined a performance art company where I did mostly dance & musical theatre. I was doing that for a few years, all the while getting into the whole goth/underground scene primarily because of how it's so influenced by the fine arts and self-expression. I found everything about it so beautiful and appealing to me, and through it all I've met so many awesome people who are really accepting and colorful despite the world who's so often shunned them for one reason or another, kind of like an "island of misfit toys" so to speak.

GGotW: What led you to Purgatory and fetish performances?
Jinx: Basically one thing just led to another. As I said, I got into the whole goth/underground scene in the DC/Baltimore area, where I met a few friends who would come up from Charlotte and told me about the Purgatory events down there. I came to visit them in April of 2007, where I attended my first Purgatory, and just instantly really liked the scene and the city itself. I thought the fusion of performance art with a bit of a fetish twist with a goth/underground event was really cool and thought it might be something I'd really like to be a part of. So I moved to Charlotte and joined Single Cell Productions (the company that does Purgatory), in May of 2008, and have been there ever since. Shortly thereafter, I met my now-fiance Dave Harlequin (the event's promotions/pr director). We hit it off almost instantly and fell in love in something of a storybook scenario. So in a way Purgatory and fetish performances kind of led me to my future husband.

GGotW: Why the name Jinx?
Jinx: Well, life is all about freak occurrences, and I don't take it in the sense of it being a bad thing. Say for example if I'm talking with someone and we say something at the same time, almost as though we were reading each other's minds. It's those type of weird coincidences that interest me the most in life, because nothing is really coincidental. I believe that everything happens for a reason, yet everything in my life seems like some amazing string of coincidences, yet it all falls into place too well for me not to believe I live a charmed life. Thus I took the name Jinx as sort of an homage to that.

GGotW: What got you modeling?
Jinx: Well it was something that I'd never tried before, and I decided to give it a shot. As it turned out, I really enjoyed it and seemed to have a knack for it. So I kept doing it, improving with each photo shoot, thanks in part to several talented people I've had the luxury of working with over the years. I've now built a pretty impressive portfolio and am finally starting to see my hard work pay off getting into so many publications and what not. It makes me really happy to succeed in such a tough industry and I just feel really thankful to everyone who's helped make it all possible.

GGotW: What waist size do you get down to in a corset?
Jinx: hmm.. well I've never actually measured... but I'd assume it would bring me down to around 18" that's something I'd like to look into myself.

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