Aug 28, 2008

Feature: Mosh

Mosh, white hair goth girl
The Moshroom Now Open


Scared goth girlGGotW: What got you started in modeling?gothic model in theater
Mosh: I first discovered fetish a while back when I ran into some amazing photography by Lithium Picnic, Bob Carlos Clarke, Steve Diet Goedde, Michael Helms, and a bunch of others. I instantly found the work so intense and creative, I just fell in love. From there my interest in fetish photography only grew. At the time I didn't plan on modeling myself however at 17 I decided to start networking off a site. At 18 I decided to pursue fetish modeling and have been working on it ever since.

GGotW: Where do you want to go with modeling?
Mosh: I never had a set plan on what I wanted to do and what I wanted to accomplish. I've worked with artists that I have dreamed about working with and have had the honor to be printed in magazines such as Marquis. I simply wish to continue this path, continue to produce unique images and continue to evolve. Currently I'm working on a paysite so I guess that's my next 'plan' for my modeling.Mosh model in black latex 50's outfit

GGotW: Who have you worked with?
Mosh: A large variety of photographers. Ranging from Mickle Design Werks to Photos by Vance, Michael Helms to Lithium Picnic, Michelle Star to WinterWolfStudios....there's a long list, I could continue for a while!

Mosh in purple latexGGotW: What was it like to work with Lithium Picnic?
Mosh: Well first off, Lithium Picnic was one of the first photographers I ran into who created the images that got me into fetish and alternative work so getting the chance to work with the guy who did that was incredible. Working with him was definitely a wonderful experience. He could probably pull out some weeds from his yard and bring it back, create some crazy hair piece and a jungle set with it. Definitely a creative guy who's always evolving into something more, which is definitely an important factor when it comes to being an artist. On top of that I had the chance to work with Apnea while I was there which was also an amazing experience. She's always been one of my favorite models due to her impeccable modeling and creativity.
Mosh of themoshroom
GGotW: What do you do when you're not modeling?
Mosh: I'm probably planning a shoot, booking shoots, or answering emails regarding shoots. I never really get away from modeling. On the rare occasion that I have a day off I like to just watch movies at home, go out and eat with some of my friends, read...I don't really get to do those things anymore.Mosh model, sultry sexy Alt model

GGotW: There seem to be a lot of questions about your hair and its incredible whiteness. What is the story behind it?
Mosh: My natural color is dirty blond. I wasn't too fond of it so I decided to change it up. There's no real story behind it other than I wanted a different color, but also wanted to stick to the lighter side of hair colors. I had my hair professionally bleached out to the lightest possible shade, then I used a purple shampoo and conditioner called Shimmering Lights as a toner to get out all of the brassy and yellow tones. I honestly didn't expect my hair to tone out so well, after a couple of days it turned into this platinum white madness that I have today.

Mosh in realy high heals, black latex, washington DCGGotW: Nudity doesn't seem to be an issue for you as a model, what is photographically?
Mosh: I love doing artistic nudes and artistic fetish work. Personally, I'm not into these hardcore spread-leg shots that are taken simply for pornographic material. I like to produce more in an image than just that.

GGotW: A lot of your shots show a degree of athleticism, where does that come from?
Mosh: I was a gymnast for about 10 years, a cheerleader for even longer, rhythmic gymnast for about 3 years, and an acrobat for about one year.

Mosh, Vance photo, sexy goth in Red latexGGotW: We understand the name Mosh isn't connected to standing front row at a rock show, so where does it come from?
Mosh: Hah, that's true, its not. I've had this name for a long time now, when it came time to chose my modeling name it seemed to just fit.

GGotW: Where do you see yourself in five years?
Mosh: I hope to still be modeling, still growing as an artist, and hopefully still running my upcoming paysite.

GGotW: Is there a planned opening date for Themoshroom?
Mosh: I wish but not yet. I'm currently working on designing the layouts, the coding will take some time. I technically have an estimated month but I don't want to disappoint in case that month doesn't end up happening.

news and updates
GGotW: What is The Moshroom?
Mosh: Well, new features a members section and guest section. So far the guest section leads to the website tour but soon it will be a public version of the paysite itself. It features multiple-image sets, currently over 2,400 images at the moment, and growing...rapidly. Aside from the juicy photos that I upload regularly, members can also view videos, access live webcam shows and the chatroom, view the live-streaming shoots, participate in exclusive contests, view my full (personal) calendar, access the members-only e-mail, and more to come! I have exclusive tutorials and guest model features coming next. I think that's it about my site. Like my work? Then you'll see loads of it and in great exclusive quality over at :)

GGotW: We understand you're running a little contest, what's that about?
Mosh: The contest, it ends Saturday, June 20th, so hurry up! Create two spectacular banners using my images and including my name and/or my website in the banner, and you could be 1 of 5 winners who receive a shiny new 5x7 signed print! 5 people who are members to my site who win will get a customized 5x7 print of their choice!

Mosh stuffed in a suitcase

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Anonymous said...

Miss Mosh is just the most pretty girl on this site !
Beauty, talent and excellent choice to photographers ;)
kisses from Paris Miss !

david john said...

f'in gorgeous! realling looking forward to seeing you in bizarre!!

Brash66 said...

Great interview. I just shot and cut a video of her during a photoshoot with James Christopher. Here's a link.


Brash66 said...

I just shot and cut a video of MOSH during a photoshoot with James Christopher. Here's the link.

Anonymous said...

you are stunning, and your work is wicked. you have the perfect women's figure and i admire your athleticism, an inspiration to other girls! :) every best wish for the future :D