Nov 16, 2008

Feature: Melle Noire

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GGotW: When did you start modeling?
MN: I started modeling in September 2001 - I was accosted by somebody in a disco. After my first photo shoot I joined a few different model forums and socialized there with other photographers.

GGotW: What got you started?
MN: I started with gothic photography, in my private life I've been in the goth scene since 1998, but I also like other genres. I like: Gothic, fetish, horror, fantasy, trash, artistic nude, bodypainting, glamor, pin up... I am very versatile and I love it to show 1000 different faces. And I have a very black sense of humour, I like crazy ideas, they can be bloody, they can be sick, they can be striking...

GGotW: Has it been constant work or spotty?
MN: Both. Sometimes I had many photoshoots in a short time and sometimes I worked spotty. I actually have successfully completed over 220 shootings in Germany and in Switzerland.

GGotW: Have you worked with any big photographers?
MN: Yes, of course. I have worked with : Herr Buchta, Art in Black, Stephan Sackmann, Oliver Marzischewski, Nicolas Henri, Elisabeth Hackmann, Andreas Lehrke, Ulrich Grolla, Heile Mania, Peter Vyge ( Pevy ), Skunk(ed), Tom Bixx, Ruediger Schestag, Der Natzo, Michael Waldau...

Altogether I have worked with over 100 photographers.

GGotW: Have you made any magazine appearances? What was it like?
MN: Yes. I had publications in many different magazines ( Dark Spy, GOTHIC Magazine, Crawling Tunes Magazine, The Serpent ( UK ), Unscene Magazine ( UK ), FOTOHEFT, fotoMAGAZIN... ). In addition I had many publications on flyers and some publications in books.

GGotW: What area of Germany are you in?
MN: I live in the South West of Germany - near Heidelberg. It's in the North of the federal state Baden-Wuerttemberg.

GGotW: Can you describe the scene there?
MN: You can find many clubs here and some gothic shops - the scene in this area is very widespread. And there are some bigger and well-known festivals in Germany -

every year on Pentecost you can visit the WGT ( Wave-Gotik-Treffen ) in Leipzig, in late summer the M'era Luna festival happens in Hildesheim, furthermore there are some more festivals like the Amphi festival or the Feuertanz festival... And you also have some smaller festivals like the Dark Dance Treffen in Lahr, smaller events and many concerts.

The variety is really great !

GGotW: If someone was to visit, what shops would you send them to?
MN: Mannheim : BATCAVE / Gothic-Obsession
Karlsruhe : X-Tra-X, The Spirit Shop, Schwarzwaren

In classical gothic shops like them I buy in the main typical dark wear, vinyl clothing, corsets and gothic styled shoes. But often I buy my clothes in ordinary shops like H&M, too or sometimes I buy dark wear in sex shops.

GGotW: Are there any good clubs you could recommend?
MN: Of course !
Mannheim : Genesis, MS Connexion
Karlsruhe : Nachtwerk, Culteum
Stuttgart : Die Röhre
Darmstadt : Steinbruch-Theater ( gothic & metal )
Frankfurt ( Main ) : The Cave
Mainz : KUZ

But there are many more... ;)

GGotW: Where do you see yourself in five years?
MN: I don't know - but I hope, I can become bigger and more famous. Here in Germany many people in the Gothic scene know my name and know my photos. But it would be pretty cool, if I could be an internationally well-known Gothic model.

And I hope, I will still have a happy life in five years ;)

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