Nov 2, 2008

Feature: Miss Chloe A. Creepy



GGotW: How would you describe your style?
CAC: This is something that has been on my mind a lot lately. I just graduated Automotive School, and spent 13 months wearing the same thing 4 days a week, and nearly the same thing on the weekends. Black pants, t-shirt. I feel like, in that, i lost a lot of the style i had before i went to automotive school. I also feel like it ruined my awesome creativity as well, but that is another story in itself. My mind doesn't seem to process anything more than just a pair of pants and the first t-shirt a grab, these days. Before, and in high school, i always wore black mini-skirts and platform boots, a very stereotypical goth look. When modeling, there's mix of goth, rockabilly/pin-up and just a mess of colors. As far as my current style outside of that, ill get back to you when i figure it out. =P

GGotW: Who have you worked with?
MCAC: CANDYLUST, Tarilyn Quinn, Rusty "Shangri La" Tagliareni, S&S, Kencredible, Blue Box, Anilom Nor, Optimism, Glenn Tuttle and a bunch more... I also have a ton of shoots in the works.

GGotW: What has been your favorite shoot?
MCAC: That's a very hard question, I had TONS of full at the tu-tu shoot in the abandoned house with Rusty and Machine Sex. But I don't know if i really have a favorite.

What got you stared as a model?
MCAC: It was something I was always interested in. I hate to admit it, but I actually did go to modeling school and it was a waste of time. Then I found the lovely world of Model Mayhem, and haven't stopped since.

GGotW: You're a member of SNAPM. What is SNAPM?
MCAC: SNAPM stands for Social Networking for Artists, Photographers and Models. Its basically like a giant photoshoot, as well as a great place to network. Each month there are "featured" models and photographers, who display there work. There is usually a runway show, or a large contest in the form of a runway. There's also model pose off contests, where you can win money and cool prizes. If you live in the NY,NJ area, and you haven't gone yet, you must go at least once. Its worth it for any model and any photographer, no matter how experienced you are. for more info.

GGotW: How did you get involved with SNAPM?
MCAC: Through my friend Taryn ("Tarilyn Quinn"), the one who started it all, shes known my boyfriend for years and when i met her we hit it off. I always have LOTS of ideas and we discussed a lot of them which lead to me helping out.

GGotW: What is you role in SNAPM?
MCAC: Basically, I throw all my ideas at Taryn, and also am in charge of setting up the bigger contests (setting the concept and finding and dealing with all the models). Recently i have started scoopeing out designers for the runway shows, that's basically it.

GGotW: In your profile you mention automotive school, yet none of your shoots seem to feature a car, whats up with that?
MCAC: Well I'm not really into that bikini-tan-sexy thing that seems to go hand in hand with car modeling. I have shot with my car, but don't currently have those pictures posted anywhere. I would LOVE to do a pin up shoot while "working" on a car. But no one has really been right for that idea yet.

GGotW: Is your career in the auto industry?
MCAC: I am currently unemployed and pretty much wanna shoot myself when it comes to job hunting. Tons of my friends from automotive school already got laid off, because of the lack of work. Also, I don't want to be a technician (mechanic). I was looking for more of an office-like job in the field, called a Service Writer. But its a job that's nearly impossibly to get. All the places want 2+ years experience, but if you cant start somewhere, how could you possibly have 2 years experience doing it? Its a vicious cycle and a giant headache. I'm looking for jobs in other places now.

GGotW: With unlimited funds, what kind of photo-shoot would you like to do?
MCAC: Oh the fun i would have. I would probably start with an idea I've had forever, but i wont go into detail cause i don't want someone to steal it. Its a take-off of the story of Elizabeth Bathory, with a fetish twist. Other then that, i would put together my own picture-version of Alice in Wonderland in book form. Oh and my pin-up mechanic idea i mentioned early, and tons and tons more!

GGotW: What kind of music do you like?
MCAC: I like different things. None of my favorite bands really fit into the same category. But i guess there all different types of Metal.

GGotW: Where do you like to go to listen to it?
MCAC: My car! I have a 4 disc CD player in my car, I spend a lot of time in my car, driving to photo shoots and whatnot. If i'm alone my music is always blasting. Other then that, shows of course.

GGotW: Who are your top bands?
MCAC: Hanzel und Gretyl and Wednesday 13. Wednesday 13/Murderdolls has been my favorite since i was 13 years old, and that's probably gonna be that way forever. HuG is my newest fascination, and 90% of what I'm listening to right now. Other then that, I love Tool, APC, Cradle of Filth and Marilyn Manson.

GGotW: What do you want to do with your photographs?
MCAC: I am really just in this for the fun and for the art. I love doing photoshoots, i love seeing the new pictures, i love printing them and putting them in my book and posting them on my Model Mayhem. Im not looking for fame here, i just love to create. I intend of becoming a photographer one day, when i have the funds and the space.

GGotW: Who would you like to model with?
MCAC: Mosh, although she would totally outshine me. Other then that, i love my model friends that i model with now. Machine Sex, Miz Fritz, Dogma Candy and Dori-Bot to name a few.

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