May 13, 2009

Feature: Virenne

Virenne's Blog


GGotW: Where do you live?
V: I live in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia (just in case if it sounds too unfamiliar, it's in the South-East of Asia right up from Australia).

GGotW: Are there a lot of goths there?
V: Sadly, not too much. There are some girls that pretend that they're goth or that they understand goth but they just don't.

GGotW: What drew you to the goth culture?
V: Hmm. I think it was the first time I saw Amy-Lee of Evanescence and started searching about goth. I was about 12 at that time so it was the perfect moment when people usually start to search their identity and after seeing lots of true goths, I find them unusually beautiful and fell in love with goth culture. I've been living a pretty much goth life after that, thank God my family supports me especially my mom (Weird, huh?). I like the idea of goth culture and yes, I love the clothes!

GGotW: Where do you get your outfits?
V: Mostly I designed them and had them made so it's pretty custom. I like wearing something different that no one else would wear.

GGotW: Are your circle of friends in Indonesia goth as well?
V: Not really, I wish I could find one. Most of them just agree of me being goth but they're not goth themselves, so yeah. Some people who disagree with goth would just stay away from me though but my friends are all very supportive and they said they like looking at me being a goth.

GGotW: Our Poll on GGotW recently asked what colour do you mix with black?
V: Hmm...well mostly red because red and black are meant to be together haha but I also like neon green and bright purple

GGotW: What is the source of you name Virenne?
V: This is hard. I don't exactly know why myself, but I have an alter ego named Verene, and I was looking for a name that goes well with her name so I randomly picked Virenne. It sounds good anyway. It's a bit of a coincidence though, because there's a small town in France named Virene. But that town doesn't have anything to do with my name, it's just a coincidence.

GGotW: What advice would you give to someone who is looking into goth as you did at 12?
V: Don't listen to what people say! It's been pretty hard for me for being that young and interested in goth but as long as I don't listen to what people say, they would get tired commenting me anyway. Just try as hard as you can, sometimes my schoolmates even give appraisal for my look, they say it suits me best. Well, what I'm trying to say is that don't get down by people's comments, they're just blabbering anyway. :P

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Dirgesinger said...

An exotic and beautiful face and courage to live and think like You want to - congratulations!

Virenne said...

That's a very sweet comment! :) Thanks...!

Virenne said...

Thank you so much for the sweet comment :) I really appreciate it, thanks :D

Dirgesinger said...

Its me who thanks because You show us other goths living in especially-not-welcoming-areas how to do this.:)

Virenne said...

Where do you live? I hope that you can have the courage to fight the mainstream :) Gothic girls look most beautiful in my honest opinion.