Jul 21, 2009

Feature: Amy O'Connor

Gothic DJ


GGotW: How long have you modeled for?
AOC: I started amateur modeling in 2005, but it wasn't until about 2007 that I started posing for professional photographers.

GGotW: Who have you shot for?
Jennifer Link Photography - Ron Douglas Photography - Luke Copping Photography- Danielle McGraw Photography -
.......and a couple amateur photographers. I Just recently did some work with Public Image Photography of Rochester, NY.

GGotW: How long have you DJ'd?
AOC: I just began DJing in my spare time in February of 2009.

GGotW: What do you do when you're not spinning or posing?
AOC: Running TechNoir Events has taken up much of my life the past 2 years. Besides supplying monthly goth industrial dance events I have organized a fashion show, which included FuturState and Dementia, an art gallery showing, multiple band performances and I even held a fundraiser to benefit R.A.R.E., which is our area's only reptile rehabilitation clinic. Keeping my TechNoir website updated on a daily basis is a lot of work. I inform people of local shows and activities going on as well as posting news about the bands they love.Climbing the stairs

GGotW: Which do you enjoy more?
AOC: I enjoy both equally. They are both educative and fantastic experiences. Running TechNoir and having people dance to the music you play makes you feel good, like you are doing something good for the goth community, giving them a place where they can go where they feel comfortable and can have a good time. Modeling is a great way to meet new people, travel the state/country for shoots and participate in fun local fashion shows.Buffalo Goth

GGotW: What are you future goals?
AOC: At the end of summer I am moving out of Buffalo to Rochester NY, where I hope to continue having TechNoir Events and guest DJing at their goth club, Vertex. I wish to become more involved in the promotion side of things. Right now I am the area's sole promoter for the Combichrist: Demons on Tour tour. I wish to set up more shows in the future. Some day I'd like to be able to open a bar catering to the goth industrial scene.

GGotW: Give us some details on Buffalo's Goth Industrial scene.
Goth DJAOC: Our goth industrial bar, The Continental closed about 3 years ago. It delivered a huge blow to Buffalo's goth scene. A new bar opened up that was interested in hosting gothic events, but it was never promoted properly and there were issues with the bar that prevented people from attending events. Two of my friends and I decided that the scene needed to be re-vamped and we started TechNoir, which threw events on a monthly basis. Our events have themes, which people can choose to dress up for if they'd like to. We brought in special guest djs (from as far as NYC and Cleveland, OH) and booked a couple shows.goth babe TechNoir has been running for 2 years this month. It has also spawned two more local goth industrial events. So while the scene in Buffalo is kind of fading away, there are people here who care enough about it to try and keep it afloat.

GGotW: You sound like an all around performer, have you always been like that?
AOC: It's only been the last few years that I really decided to get involved with promoting for local events. But in these past two years I have made a lot of connections, made a lot of new friends, and have become more involved in the general goth scene of the country. Joining multiple forums to post events has given me the chance to get my name out there. And I feel very successful.

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Gilda the Goth said...

Oh my....what beautiful pictures these are. Amazing talent went into them.

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