Nov 12, 2010

Feature: Iniquity



GGotW: What was it that gave you the bug to be a Goth Model?
I: Being an artist means being able to appreciate aesthetics. I have always wanted to model gothic clothing in particular, due to the feeling I would get when I would see those gorgeous gothic models online. I just imaged how it would feel to have true freedom over yourself, and just wear whatever made you happy regardless of how others felt about it. I loved the confidence those men and women helped bestow upon me at such an early age. I wouldn't trade my style for anything, it makes me feel like I am who I am supposed to be. Being overweight really hindered any fantasy of gothic modeling for me. I felt that no one would want to look at someone model anything at such a heavy weight. I wore a size 24 pants before, and it took a LOT of work to get to where I am today. Modeling is kind of like the cherry of top. It just puts everything I have done into perspective. It's important to me to be able to see the fruits of your labor, and getting an opportunity to have a dream come true through hard work, dedication, and motivation makes it all worth it.

GGotW: Have you been able to do a lot of modeling?
I: I wouldn't say that, but I have worked with a few really awesome photographers here in NC. I have also been a nursing student for awhile now, I am just about to graduate in the summer of 2011 and so it hasn't given me much time for modeling. I work specifically with Michael Koontz of Aerozz Photography. We do mostly fetish and artistic modeling, but my goal is gothic clothing.

GGotW: I understand you are a looner, is that the right term?
I: The looner fetish is new to me, and new for me. The fetish community has a fantastic variety of people in it, and a close friend of mine introduced me to the looner community two years ago. Being a looner is soo much fun. I love hopping on balloons, grinding on them, blowing them up till they pop, sitting on them to pop. I love the feeling of the latex on my skin. It's very similar to wearing a latex outfit, except much less expensive. Balloons are just amazing. Whenever I go into my room, I always have about 5-20 balloons hanging out. I have to be aware of their location because sometime I accidentally step on them and my cat get super freaked out. The looner community is very friendly as well. I have a lot of fans because most looners are men from my experience.

GGotW: What is the looner fetish?
I: The easiest way to explain the looner fetish is : a person who gets sexually aroused through playing with, popping, and touching balloons. Most people LOVE the popping aspect, but there are popper and non-poppers. To my knowledge, there are way more poppers, and I myself am a popper. Poppers love the sound of the balloon popping, the explosion of the balloon turns them on. I love when I blow-to-pop (or B2P), blowing up the balloon (especially very large ones) till they explode right in my face. I've never been hurt, but once popped like 40 balloons with my ass wearing a thong, and my butt was hurting for sure.

GGotW: What other things are you into?
I: If you mean hobbies. I love to paint, draw, make clothing, I sculpt occasionally..and I am a great cook. I also exercise everyday, mostly weight lifting, tae bo, and I have an evil elliptical machine who I have a love/hate relationship with. When I have the time I go to fetish clubs, and goth clubs..but like I said I am a VERY busy woman. I also work full time taking caring for elderly and disabled people in their homes. I LOVE my job, and wouldn't trade it.

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ArchiePattersons said...

'Looning.' Geez. You learn something new every day. She is a real hottie :)

Leighton said...

A looner.... Ummm, each to their own.

She can pop my ballons anytime!

Goth Girl Week Rocks!!!

EVAN said...

Wow! I don't impress easy but this girl is stunning. Good luck to her, she's amazing in every way!