Apr 9, 2011

Feature: Chelsea Belflower



GGotW: Is there a story behind the name Chelsay Belflower?
CNB: My real legal name is Chelsea Noel Belflower. To me as model you are a role model and should embrace yourself to the fullest to inspire other girls and women out there to be who they are and be comfortable in there skin so I choose to keep my legal name and not go under a stage name.in

GGotW: How would you describe your ALT style?
CNB: My modeling style is kind of off the wall because i do so many different styles, I do pop, nude, fetish, alt, fashion, glamour, tattoo and promo modeling for companies. I try to do everything I can in the modeling industry because I feel I represent a real women, I have tattoos and piercings, I'm short, no agency will accept me but our generation is changing and not everything is clean cut anymore, I try to represent that when modeling and try to be a chameleon.

GGotW: What got you started as a model?
CNB: I really fell into modeling, I always wanted to model or be an actress as a little girl. I've watched Americas Next Top Model from the begining, but after I started getting tattooed I figured I could never do those things. Then when I was 19 my friend told me she was going to a photoshoot and wanted me to come because she didn't know the guy. After we got there the photog asked if I wanted to do a shoot, I agreed and a passion was born from that moment on. Its deff been a rocky road to where I am now, and I doubted myself along the way a lot but I just kept working at it and now 2 years later, being 21 years old I feel like my career is really starting to bloom and i couldn't be more excited.

GGotW: What came first, modeling or Hair & Make-up?
CNB: Modeling came first then I moved on to become a Make up artist and hair stylist, I'm planning to attend Aveda and MUD in CA within the next year or so to take my skills to the next level. I also do photography and design latex.

GGotW: Is there a strong ALT/Fetish scene in Reno?
CNB: Reno is a small town, I rarely model in Reno unless an amazing photographer comes into town. Last summer I started to tour I drove all the way to NC VA DE and PA it took me 2 days of driving non-stop but it was worth it! I just got back from a CA tour in Feb I leave in May for the east coast again then ill be back on the west coast touring in June. Modeling is a job in itself networking on the computer and going to big cities meeting new people in the industry and setting up shoots.

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