May 29, 2011

Feature: La Esmeralda



GGotW: Who got you in front of the camera first?
La E: I made my first experiences with some friends because I wanted to have some beautiful photos with the lovely horse I had. Today I am not riding anymore but taking those photos was so much fun that I wanted to become a model and I started to search for professional photographers.

GGotW: What kinds of creative things do you like to participate in?
La E: Painting, Sewing, Crafting, working with photoshop... and modeling, of course :)

GGotW: What is your day job?
La E: I am studying Latin and Religion at the moment - but choosing this was not the best idea I had so I am currently looking for something else. I would love to do something more creative :)

GGotW: What photographers have you worked with?
La E: I was working with a lot of photographers so this would be a long list... People I worked with most often are Alex Blyg, Jörg Timm and LuxProfundi but I am also very impressed by people like Nightshadow (Achim Webel) and Sabine Schöneberger. I hope that I can work with them again, soon - even if they live pretty far away from me.

La Esmeralda as Marie AntoinetteGGotW: Have you traveled far, for photo shoots?
La E: Yes, I did... and I would love to do it again. I live in the north of germany and have just made a tour to the south, that was a bit more than 700 km. I spent two weeks there and had some awesome shoots :)

GGotW: Is there a particular photo or shoot that you are really proud of?
La E: I love a lot of the photos I have in my gallery but I love each one for another reason so I am not sure if I am proud of a particular one.

What I am proud of is that photographers I adore, decided to work with me and would do it again. All the shoots were wonderful on their own way, some were better than others but a lot of them were pretty awesome. I couldn't decide which one would make me most proud.

GGotW: What are you reading these days?
La E: I love fantasy literature - at the moment I am reading "The Vampire Lestat" by Anne Rice and the next book will be something by Terry Pratchett, I think.

GGotW: What are you listening to currently?
La E: Right now I am listening to Kamelots "Kamelots "Ghost Opera"
" and love everything from Gothic to heavy metal :)

GGotW: Where do you like to shop?
La E: I like to go to the city to have a look at the shops - usually I buy small things for crafting there - but I also love ebay and lots of onlineshops, too :)

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