Sep 5, 2011

News: 6th Goth Shoot

Model: Niche Unique
Corset: Athanasia Fashions
Photo: Don McCaskill
A month ago I gathed a small band of Models and Photographers for a little location shoot under a Gothic theme, here in Victoria, Canada. This year we managed to get access to a metal foundry with shops and gear that we were allowed full access to.

Because the City of Victoria, had a conniption a few years ago over me making it a public shoot with a facebook page, and 80+ attendees, to a city park. I have now made these shoots invite only, and while I invited about 30 people, this year I only got two models and three photographers. Its all about time and availability,

Model: Betty Kate
Corset: Athanasia Fashions
Photo: Don McCaskill
I'll post more images from this year's shoot on my personal photography blog.

I wonder if I announce this every year would other Models and Photographers from around the world be interested in organizing and participating in shoots in their areas? Could we get an Annual LA Goth Shoot, an Annual Whitby Goth Shoot, or would you attend the Annual Salzburg Goth Shoot? Would you be a model, photographer, Make-up Artist, wardrobe assistant? Lets hear your comments and see what we can do for next year.

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