Feb 3, 2012

Feature: Evgeniya Angelwhore



GGotw: What is your favorite modeling style?
EA: I like fetish and art nude most of all.

GGotw: What is it that draws your towards Fetish Modeling?
EA: As for me I have strong obsession on dark images demonstrating sexual aggression. I admire high heels (extemely high). And expression of yourself. It's your own world, your personal fantazies. No limits, no rules, no conservative poses.

 GGotw: Do you get a lot of opportunity to model?
EA: Yes, I get a lot opportunity to model. But I want more.

GGotw: Does your personal style match your musical tastes?
EA: In some way it matches.

GGotw: What are your musical tastes?
EA: I enjoy black metal, old school thrash metal.

GGotw: Who have you done shoots with?
EA: Toni Salminen, Studioivolution.com and many other photograhers.

GGotw: Do you ever get strangers asking you odd questions on the street?
EA: Yes, I am a strange person too.

GGotw: When people on the street come-up to you, what kinds of things you they say/ask?
EA: Fetish style is almost strange to Russia. No special shops, not many fetish parties and lack of professional fetish photographers and models. When I have shootings in the streets people always stop near. Russians are conservative. They don't like anyone looking strange. They say: "You look like funny" or "Go away you bastards"

GGotw: How do you respond to them?
EA: I am a rude person. I can hit. **Laughing**.

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nice girl. so different