Jul 16, 2012

Feature: Macabre Lilith

Model Mayhem
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GGotW: When did you start modelling?
ML: About September 2011... I randomly came across this photography site, Hex Photography. It interested me because the portfolio of the photographer was solely "Alternative" and the uniqueness of her horror style captivated my attention... Mainly, because in Western Australia, you don't find that many photographers who do "Alternative" style. All you really get here is straight lace - fashion, babies, wedding, portrait, family, etc... Hex Photography wasn't just about normal "sit-in-front-of-the-camera-and-look-pretty" type thing. Pretty much most of her albums contained really out-there mind-blowing themes and extravagant poses... And that's something that I've always really wanted to do. But when I've asked other "normal" photographers in the past, they've openly admitted to me that adding something like that to their portfolio might scare their general audience... So, after much much contemplation (since I'm not usually the photogenic type), I finally decided to book a photoshoot with Hex... On the day, I was really nervous and thought I was botching up the whole thing. But the photographer, Aston, was really nice, gave me great directions and told me that I was a natural... So it all commenced from there...

GGotW: Who helps you with make-up?
ML: It varies... Usually I apply my own make-up... Other times, the photographer doubles as an MUA... Often, when I do my own make-up though, I consult my "unofficial" agent aka best friend, Harley Cannon, to give me advice and pointers in relation to the theme of the shoot. Like myself, Harley possesses a dark gothique artistist mind frame and together we conjure up some awesome make-up concepts!
GGotW: Do you travel out of Western Australia for shoots?
ML: Nah. I wish! Too poor to go travelling... I would love to though. I've seen alot of really gifted Alternative Photographers out there in other states that have remarkable portfolios and I would love to one day collaborate with them!

GGotW: If your not modelling what are you usually doing?
ML: I admit that I'm a huge a geek. So I'm occasionally building computers. Mainly desktops though. Building notebooks are so fiddly. I also do a bit of programming with computers too. I like to customise my computers for gaming experience. I'm currently playing The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion at the moment... When I'm not doing that though, I enjoy listening to my death/black metal music or watching my horror/psychological/gore movies... Of course though, the most frequent thing you'll ALWAYS see me doing is spending time with my two lovely children (and my husband when he's not working). My family are my world!

GGotW: Who inspires you the most?
ML: I have alot of visual inspirations. Ranging from the elegant works of Anne Stokes, to the Victoriandustrial visual arts of Emilie Autumn, to the more fetish scenes of Amelia Arsenic... But the one who I would say inspires me the most, would be Dani Filth. Because his style of fashion is blend of horror, goth, macabre industrial, symphonic, etc... He stands out with the detailed effort he puts not just into his outfit, but also his make-up. His video clips are just artistically amazing!... I first discovered his band, Cradle of Filth, when I was a teenager. It was so different to the mainstream music that most parent try to influence upon their children. I just became so intrigued and fell in love with their uniqueness and individuality of both the music and fashion... My home life was Hell and I was highly bullied in high-school. Because of the isolation and abuse that I endured at both home and school, I always considered myself to be some sort of unwanted outcast freak... But somehow listening to Cradle of Filth, watching Dani Filths interviews and stuff, made me realise that yeah, I am a freak, but who cares?? I then began to embrace my individualism, gained some self worth and confidence about myself and just used the music to numb out all the negatives around me...

GGotW: Where would you like to see you modelling take you?
ML: Predominantly, I would like to see my name and face out there in publications... Not really for the fame side, so to speak... But rather, I want to portray to the world that being different and weird is an awesome thing to be. Instead of being ashamed of it, you should cherish it, be proud of it and show the world that you just don't give a crap what they think of you!... So far, I've already set myself in for a deck of playing cards. Additionally, I recently did my first fashion shoot for Dusk Moth Designs... It's not alot at the moment, I know. But I'm not heading for instant stardom. I'm just cruising along. Building up my portfolio. Taking each photoshoot very seriously, putting my whole worth into it, but at the same time having fun... It'll be something to look back on in many years to come that I can say I acheived and loved doing...

GGotW: Do you have any fetishes?
ML: Erotic asphyxiation... Pyrophilia... Vampirism... Rope Bondage... Burning Candle Wax... I have many others. But they would probably scare people...

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