Jun 16, 2012

Feature: Elisanth

Model Mayhem

GGotW: How did you get started as a model?
E: I was invited to my first photoshoot back in 2007. I was always collecting weird stuff in fetish, gothic, cyber style, so I had a lot of clothes. I was invited by a group of photographers, who were interested in gothic and fetish models. It was something new for me, as I always had passion for PVC and latex, but had no experience as a model. Now I can say it wasn't very successful, but it was fine as first photoshoot. I'm attaching few 'behind the scene' photos.

GGotW:What convinced you this was something that you wanted to continue doing?
E: After some time, I was invited in studio, for music photoshoot with guitar. I created different images, so that photoshoot was more sucessful than the first one. I continued collecting unusual items, and I realized it was really helpful in that domain. I was involved in new photoshoots. I got a strong feeling it was perfect for me - It gave me the possibility to express myself.

GGotW:You'd done some fetish images, what are your fetishes?
E: I have fetish for latex, tight corsets, gloves, stockings, high heels (actually, I don't even wear some of my shoes - it is enough to own them!), and a special fetish for contact lenses.

GGotW:What do you do when you're not modeling?
E: I used to work as graphic designer, but working full day was not my style, so after a few years, I quit, and started working as freelancer. Now, when I'm not modelling, I mostly create some vector illustations for sale, and write articles and news about art. I like to read, literature is important part of my life.

GGotW:What keeps you grounded?
E: I'm always open to something new, I'm flexible, and try my best to create an image, and to keep it in style. Very often, people don't believe it is the same person on all photos. I take it serious, and often create some accessories for specific photoshoot. I offer my point of view on an idea, and try to improve it, or to bring something new. I think it keeps me grounded.

GGotW:Do you travel a lot in Europe for modeling?
E: Due to some circumstances, I don't travel a lot for modeling. Mainly, I work with my husband, who is a professional photographer - he knows what I want, and he can easily understand my ideas. Also, I help him to bring to life his ideas. I started creating some weird make-up just for fun, and I know that I'll be able to capture it in case it looks like I want. I get some order from abroad, and receive stock from stores. They receive pictures they want, at the moment, it is very comfortable for me.
Now, I have a big collection of corsets, latex stuff, high heels, wigs, contact lenses, cosmetics, and other accessories, to use in my projects.

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