Aug 16, 2012

Feature: Niky Hearts

Model Mayem

GGotW: Have you been modelling for long?
NH: I have been modelling for 5 years.

GGotW: What got you started modelling?
I started to advertise different clothes I made. Then I continued taking pictures of things I loved. I love photography and I love what you can represent in images, different worlds and characters.

GGotW: You're from Italy and living in Germany now, do you travel a lot for shoots?
NH: Yes...I travel a lot! I return to Monaco tomorrow, we are always in transit!

GGotW: Do you make your own outfits?
NH: Yes, I'll create the outfit myself, or otherwise modify something to suit my taste. I have very particular tastes and it's hard for me find clothes.

GGotW: Who inspires you?
NH: I've always been very inspired by Emilie Autumn and Tim Burton, this year my muse is Japanese manga artist and designer, Kaori Yuki.

GGotW: What is it you like about Emily Autumn?
NH: I love her voice and how she created a new style by combining the Victorian, with a world of fairy tales.

GGotW: Where do you hope you modelling will take you?
NH: I would like to work as model for gothic clothing catalogs.

GGotW: What do you do when you are not modelling?
NH: I worked as a saleswoman and maid. When I have time, I read many books and I watch a lot of movies. Movies are my passion, especially horror.

GGotW: What is your favourite Horror movie?
NH: My favourite horror movie is "Rose Red", I love the atmosphere! I also love  "Steven King's IT", I am clown lover!

GGotW: Do you work with various photographers, or are you still shooting stuff yourself?
NH: No, usually I get other people to do the photograph for me. I like to organize the make-up and the outfit but, I am not good as photographer.

GGotW: What photographers have you worked with?
NH: I have collaborated with Dennis Ziliotto and Youness Taouil, Photographer by bizzarre style, and I have worked more with artists; Dani Mesk, SYlwia, CuPlino Fukenzima, Dario Andreoni and a few more.

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Anonymous said...

wow niky i love you !!! :-DDD

Tony said...

Looking good as usual :)

Kevin Calderón said...

She is really beautiful ♥

Mich said...

Wonderful :) Mich