May 8, 2013

Feature: Evilyn13

GGotW: How Long have you been in the goth scene?
E13: I have been in the goth scene for about 15 years, and I started modelling about five years ago. I never really had the courage to model before that, but after a few drinks and a cute girl convincing me that she would only post the good photos, I succumed pretty quick!

GGotW: I hear you're a top notch DJ, how did you get where you're at?
E13: I was a regular DJ at a night called Rock-N-Roll Highschool, but had to give up my residency for a better paying non-DJ gig, and I occasionally DJ at Sanctuary, Vancouver's premier goth night run by DJ Pandemonium. I DJ this weekend at Sin City Fetish Night, where I also get to play hostess and door whore.

GGotW: What are the hottest tracks you're playing lately?
E13: Right now some of my favourite tracks are from Ashbury Heights, Encephalon, Aesthetic Perfection, And One and Die Antword. I still love to drop some of the classics and even some new wave tracks because we do get quite a range of music lovers at Sanctuary, and I like to make it my job to get everyone on the dance floor at some point :)

GGotW: Does Vancouver, Canada have much of a Goth Scene?
E13: Vancouver is a small town and people sometimes think that because a lot of industrial music has come from Vancouver (Skinny
Puppy, Frontline Assembly, Left Spine Down) that the scene here must be rockin' but its not really. I think L.A. is still the nexus of goth central on the west coast :) I was there last spring and it was great! I totally understand why so many people love that city, if I could I would move there in a heartbeat!

GGotW: What Photographers have you worked with?
E13: I have worked with Shimona Henry of Pinup Perfection, David Denofreo of Black Opal Images, Grant Malo Photography, Atratus of Gothic BC and Patrick Parenteau of DVPIX and the list goes on.....

GGotW: Have you ever shot for a fashion line?
E13: I have modelled for Deadly Couture Latex in an Under the Sea Fasion Show, Judy Basha Designs and Lace Embrace Corsetier in a Historical Corset Exhibition. We are actually super lucky in Vancouver to have so many super creative people helping keep the scene alive and growing, so for that I am always thankful.

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