Aug 16, 2007

Profile: NightShadows

NightShadows Photography is run by one of our own members here at Goth Girl of the Week. We've wanted to do profiles as part of the Goth Girl experience but a few interviews have failed and we've run out of Girls for the site so now is the time.

If you've got a Gothic related business from clothing maker to fangs or photography or any thing else, contact us at and we'll get you Profiled here where nearly 1000 people hit a week. If your a model or just want to be one and you've got some Gothic pictures of yourself, send us a line too.

GGotW: Why the name NightShadows?
NS: I got the name when my wife and I were writing the script to a Vampire short film we were making. The film is called NightShadows and the name came out of the fact that Vampires are creatures of the night and keep to the Shadows.

GGotW: When did this all start?
NS: It was 1997, I was working for a guy with some Pro level Hi-8 video cameras that he said I was free to use any time he was busy in editing.

GGotW: Is that when you started photography?
NS: Hell no, I was taking pictures with my dad's Canon AE-1 back in the mid eighties. Then I got a gig with a newspaper shooting at the David Foster Celebrity Softball Tournament. That started my long life as a photographer.

GGotW: Who have you worked for as a photographer?
NS: The list is pretty long, but I started with The Victoria Star Newspaper, that's who I covered the David Foster games for. I then moved on to Cut: To Magazine and worked at Attractions Magazine for seven years. Other than that I've been freelance with some nice gigs here and there.

GGotW: What kind of camera do you shoot with?
NS: My wife and I just picked up a Canon 400D and she has a Canon T2, we both have Canon AE-1's and that has been my main camera for about 25 years.

GGotW: What is the differance between the Canon AE-1 that you've been using and the new Canon 400D?
NS: The Canon AE-1 is a film camera and in my opinion the work horse of the Canon family. The 400D, or Rebel XTi as it's known in North America, is a 10.1MP digital beauty. I'll be using it on the next goth shoot.

GGotW: So are you going to shoot film and digital now?
NS: No actually I'm looking at going completely digital so I'm selling off my film equipment on eBay. Once I sell all this I'm going to purchase another Canon XTi (400D)

GGotW: Last year you did two goth shoots, what are you plans for this year and why haven't you done one yet?
NS: Last summer I gathered four models and two photographers, my wife and myself, we shot two rolls of film each at the back of Victoria's Legislative Grounds and came up with some fantastic images. Then a little later in the year I took Rowen Bellamy and her boyfriend, Photographer Greg Forsberg, into Beacon Hill Park and did another shoot, so far the weather and my schedule have not co-operated so now we are looking at an August 26th shoot.

GGotW: What do you have lined up for that shoot?
NS: We have five models at the moment and a MUA (make-up artist). The theme we're aiming for is Elegant Goth, we want to get away from the Street Goth that we had last time. We're set to shoot in Beacon Hill Park and my wife and I have picked out some awesome locations.

GGotW: What else have you got planned?
NS: Not too much, I work full time as a Retail Sale Manager and have had a lot of overtime, but were I can I want to do more photography and model photography is what I really enjoy.

GGotW: Where can people find you on the net?
NS: Wow, I seem to be all over the place, but my main website is NightShadows and I spend a lot of time on DeviantArt. I also have accounts on Model Mayhem and Model Place.

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