Oct 8, 2007

Profile: Frontline Films

Brian Clements is the Writer and Director of the films from Victoria's Frontline Films, a small company gaining recognition in the world of independent films. Last year's release of Meat Market 3 is being released on DVD this weekend at Lucky Bar on Yates St and now Frontline has another film ready for a Halloween release at the Roxy Theatre on Quarda St..

Meat Market 3 leaves behind the comedic elements and amateur production values of the
first two entries in the —Meat Market series in favour of a more straight-ahead horror approach with an additional psychological thriller influence. The movie opts primarily for a taut atmosphere of dread with a few good shocks and scares, and gore used only for maximum impact in generating ever-escalating story tension.

The Victoria DVD release will be at Lucky Bar at 517 Yates street on the evening of Friday, October 16th, from 8:30PM-midnight. Admission is $5. DVDs will be available for only $10, discounted $5 off the regular price of $15.

In the 1980's a book called Michelle Remembers helped dub the city of Victoria as the second Satanic Capital of the World after Geneva, Switerland. Brian Clement's new movie Dark Paradox explores the idea that this myth was not only partially true, but also partially inaccurate in suggesting the cult activity was Satanic when in fact it was based on the worship of ancient extraterrestrial "elder gods" in the vein of HP Lovecraft's fiction.

The Victoria premiere will be on Saturday October 20th at the Roxy Theatre at 11:30PM, after the theatre‘s regular screening schedule. Admission will be $7. The screening will be hosted by director Brian Clement, and DVDs of his other features will be available after the show.

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