Jul 7, 2019

Feature: Ellone Andreea

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Height5'5" (166cm)
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GGotW: When did you start modeling?
EA: Not too long ago actually! I like to think that the starting point was somewhere in November of 2018, when I did my first proper photoshoot, with the help of my boyfriend, who was my photographer. Before that, I used to write a lot on my blog about style and not only.

GGotW: Did you always model in the Goth style or did you do other modeling before that?
EA: I started off by modeling gothic clothing, but now I am slowly tipping my toes into fantasy modeling too. I believe it's a smooth kind of evolution and I'd like to experiment more!

GGotW: What is it that attracted you to the Goth style?
EA: I was firstly introduced to it through Japanese Visual Kei, which is what I was listening to back in my teens. The first band I actually listened to was Diary of Dreams and I fell in love and started researching the music. I later discovered Skinny Puppy and was into industrial for a while, and somehow it evolved from music to adopting the fashion and meeting other goths. So, in short, it was the music and my lifelong obsession with vampires.

GGotW: What attracted you to your style?
EA: I believe it was something that developed over time. I take inspiration from fantasy costumes, but I am also a person that likes to feel comfortable, so all black, sleek looks are what I feel best in.

GGotW: What do you do when you're not modeling?
EA: Well, I work a full time job in a corporation, I craft a lot of the fantasy costumes that I wear, and of course, I retouch my pictures and film my YouTube videos. I'm a pretty busy girl!

GGotW: What do you do on your YouTube channel?
EA: A couple of different things. I create the usual YouTube specific videos, like reviews, makeup tutorials and vlogs, but my favorite type of videos to make are conceptual artistic videos and behind the scenes ones from my photoshootings. It's always nice to use videography to translate emotions that do not pierce through with pictures!

GGotW: Do you work with any brands?
EA: I do. I was blessed with the confidence of many brands such as Punk Rave Australia, Vampfangs and E&L by Lundqvist and many more, big and small. I would mention them all if I could, because apart from the wonderful people that follow me, brands being willing to work with me, is what keeps me going and lets me know I'm on the right path. They provide the tools I need in order to create, and that's wonderful!

GGotW: What photographers do you work with?
EA: Since I have not been modeling for a long time, the only photographer I ever worked with is my boyfriend, Andrei. It's a wonderful collaboration! I'd love to work with other photographers too, but there are not many who specialize in "alternative" photography here in Romania. Who knows, maybe I've not met them yet.

GGotW: I understand you edit your pictures. How did that come about?
EA: It's a long story, as most of them are. I firstly dabbled into photo editing when I was a teenager and would post my pictures on MySpace. Looking back, the results were quite frightening to behold, but it laid the foundation for what I can do today. In later years I started learning more about photo editing through online tutorials and experimenting. Now, I can say I have developed my own personal style of retouching and I love working on my pictures, trying to bring to life the vision I had inside my head. I am curious though to know how others would edit my pictures, because that has never happened yet.

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