Jan 11, 2020

Year in Review 2019

Goth Girl CrossGoth Girl of the Week 2019 was surprisingly good. We had 7 interviews and one Profile of the St.Louis Zoo event: Goths at the Zoo. We interviewed one Canadian, two Americans (both from the east coast) and four Europeans. Not a bad first year back.

As for the visitors to the site, it's nothing like it was ten years ago. We saw 6,700 page views from 4,725 visitors. Creating 13 unique visits per day.

I have a few interviews started for 2020, and while I didn't get the ten interviews that I was hoping for for 2019, I saw enough interest in the site to make it worth keeping it going.

If you want to have a chance at being Goth Girl of the Year 2020, send me your submission. I'll conduct an interview with you by e-mail and you too could be a Goth Girl of the Week.

Goth Girls of the Week 2019

Ellone Andreea
Lilith the Vampire
USA East
Canada East
Contesa Cneajna
Sindy Pierce
USA East
Kuro Hana

Goths at the Zoo

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