Jan 29, 2007

Feature: Sinmora

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GGotW: What got you into the Gothic lifestyle?
Sin: I guess music started to influence me heavily around the age of 12-13 from there on I got more into the gothic /industrial scene and once I was old enough for clubs I started checking out my local gothic/fetish scene and have been into it ever since.

GGotW: What is your definition of Gothic Lifestyle?

Sin: The Gothic Lifestyle is a way of life that embraces the darkness in all things. Though I am loath to apply labels to myself, personifying all things dark and "evil" is who I am. After all without darkness there is no light. The ability to understand and enjoy this view is what it's all about. Being yourself regardless of popular culture and moral/societal norms and taboos.

GGotW: Where do you live?
Sin: I live in Cleveland, Ohio

GGotW: Do you work in the gothic community, can you work in your style, or is it an after work style.

Sin: Yes, I do work in the gothic community, and as a Professional Dominatrix I can pretty much work in my style as well.. but I also have a day job that requires a much different "professional" look...yep I wear scrubs during the day! haha!

GGotW: What draws you to pose and model in the gothic style?
Sin: The feeling of how I look in my style...meeting new people, and all the new experiences I get out of it.

GGotW: Who does most of you pictures?
Sin: Kristoff Of SpookyGirls.com

GGotW: Have you been paid to model, what was the experience like?
Sin: Yes I have..and it was an awesome feeling.. it's humbling as hell and I'm grateful for the opportunity.

GGotW: What is your favorite image to date?
Sin: This one I shot for the BlackMetalBitches.com shoot... Photo shot by Kristoff

GGotW: What is planned for the future?
Sin: I'm going to keep modeling...I hope to one day get a cd cover for one of my favorite bands.

GGotW: Where can people find you on the net?
Sin: I'm all over the net here's a few places you can find me:

Angelfire.com my personal web page
Myspace.com My myspace

GGotW: Do you have any advice for the younger Goths looking to model and get into the community?
Sin: Yes! For those looking to get into the modeling aspect..be patient, be cautious! There's ALOT of perverts out there who claim to be photographers, agents etc.. eventually you get used to sorting them out rather easily! And for those looking to get into the community.. just be yourself, don't claim to be what you think it may be about, nobody likes a poser.. be who you are and that's it.

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xelha said...

saludos, esta muy interesante este blog

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hey whats up? remeber me? its the guy from rascal house with the dreads. you have a sweet page. didnt know you had so many websites thats really cool. don know if youll see this but my e-mail is thewuntruth@hotmail.com

Bleach said...

Yo bitch whats up?, bleach stain here, hope to talk to ya soon, if not, shoot me some mail at quakegoblin@gmail.com