Jan 14, 2007

Feature: London Shadows

London Shadow, oriental dress
Goth Girl of the Year 2007


GGotW: What got you into the Gothic lifestyle?
LS: 26 years ago when we were hanging out with the punks in Baltimore we knew we weren't as cruel as the punks but wanted to be creative in our look. so we made others think before they acted and called ourselves "individualist" and eventually since we preferred more synthesized music reffered to ourselves as "syntech-glam rockers". it wasn't until around the time that m.manson came out that the whole "goth" word was used.

GGotW: How do you define the Gothic Lifestyle?
LS: Being creative, original and accepting yourself and presenting that as your presence on the outside. when people make rude comments instead of cursing or being rude back ask them questions and get them to understand that you did not judge them for their comment but make them realize that you are not "evil" or "mean" and that you are who you are without a classification.

GGotW: What part of the US are you in?
LS: Washington, DC

GGotW: Do you work in the goth community, can you work in your style, or is it an after work style.
LS: This is me 24/7. I am a goth/fetish fashion model as well as a DJ for the Goth-Industrial Scene at DC's Midnight. and have guested at a few fetish events in Miami as well as North Carolina

GGotW: What draws do Goth pictures?
LS: The uniqueness in style and not thinking that you are the hottest thing on the planet. and showing your inner beauty to the world through film.

GGotW: Who does most of you pictures?
LS: Larry Bradby mostly as well as Charlie Pilzer, Angel Morales and John Holmes.

GGotW: Have you been paid to model, what was the experience like?
LS: Yes it was alot of fun and the photographer allowed my input to improve the concept he had for me so that it would be more fetishy than a nude shoot.

GGotW: What is your favorite image to date?
LS: I would have to say my fetish angel pic. although it was taken in 2001 i have always loved that pic and my facial expression is just too angelic to even try to redo.

GGotW: What is planned for the future?
LS: I plan on touring with my djing all over the states and do even more modeling especially for the fetish/goth clubs that i dj for.

GGotW: Where can people find you on the net?
LS: I am all over, I have 2 different accounts on Myspace: modellondonshadows as well as londonshadows. I'm also on Model Locate #4427, ModelMayhem.com, One Model Place, Retro Kitten, www.cityevents.tv, talent hunter.com, Castlist and Muse Cube.

GGotW: Do you have any advice for the younger Goths looking to model and get into the community?
LS: Be true to yourself and always accept conformist comments with an open mind and a clear head to get people to realize that the "goth scene" and community is one of the most civilized in the world and just get people to realize that "we are not satanic and that the media loves making us into monsters that are not in horror films.

As most of my signatures are on aol, yahoo and msn says" Just Relax and Enjoy the Ride."

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Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the interview with London Shadows. It was very interesting, and showed her as a talented and creative model, who's beauty is truly captivating.