Mar 12, 2007

Feature: Leyla

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GGotW: How long have you been modeling?
L: Since I was little, my mother used to bring me to photoshoots.

GGotW: Is your mother a model or a photographer? Have you appeared in any shoot with her?
L: My mother was a model and a singer, so yes when I was about 7 years old we also had mother/daughter advertising shoots for magazines, like selling perfume haha..

How do you define your style?
Victorian and gothic lolita

What got you started in the Gothic Lolita style?
L: A few years back I saw it on the internet, at that moment I dressed alternative and goth and I fell in love with the pretty more colorful lolita style.

Can you explain to our readers a little about the Gothic Lolita style? What defines it?
L: Gothic lolita is inspired on the Victorian era, with the petticoats and female shapes, at the waist.
Also all the ruffles and nice lace makes it lolita.
It is all about quality clothings and looking and feeling beautiful.
But there are rules! Like skirt that are shorter then just above the knee, lolita should be about prettyness, not sexy in anyway. To much skin showing is not done.

Where do you live?
L: The Netherlands

What got you started in modeling?
L: I started again to show of the clothing style I love: Gothic lolita
and also for my own shop where I sell the clothings,

Leyla in Lolita fashionWhat is your favorite image to date?
L: from my self? It would be (The image to the left) I love nature ;)Leyla Lolita in the park

What advice would you give to someone who wishes to follow in you footsteps?
L: Dress they way you love so you really can be you're self in the shoots, photographers will appreciate that!

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Anonymous said...

The model is pretty but I detest long petticoats