Jun 18, 2008

Feature: Vynx

London Alt model Vynx
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Our latest Goth Girl Feature is the London based alternative model, Vynx, who says she enjoys Fetish Burlesque as it gives her the chance to express herself without limitations.

Vynx Alt modelGGotW: You have an Asian look and a British address, what is your background?
Vynx: I come from the Philippines but I have lived in the UK for over 10 years now.

GGotW: Were you born in the UK?
Vynx: No, I was born in the Philippines but moved here at an early age.

GGotW: What got you started modeling?
Vynx: I would say in my teens I was such a poser and I loved dressing up, so posing in front of a camera to me is natural and so much fun. At that time though I was more interested in playing my guitar and being in a band - I wanted to be a rockstar! heh!heh! I would say working in a dull 9-5 job routine for soo long that I finally saw an inspiration that I could do more for myself and pursue what I would love to do for once. ModellingLondon based alternative model gives me the freedom to be expressive, dramatic, creative and dress up being who I want to be - it is enjoyable and a lot of fun! My interest for doing something creative rather than living in a box gave me lots of inspiration to focus and drive to do hard work. Plus it's a bonus that I enjoy travelling as well as meeting like minded people who are different and creative too.

Vynx from london england, goth alt modelGGotW: Did you start off as an Alternative model?
Vynx: I have always been in the alternative scene, I was a bit of a tomboy - never a girly girl into looks, trendy fashion or make up. I grew up on rock/metal music at an early age and with my love of piercings, tatoos and dressing up in alternative gear, I am more comfortable and a lot happier to pose in this kind of theme. I also do other styles, like art nude and life painting, so long it's tasteful. I think it's important to explore various styles in order to grow and gain experience, so long as I enjoy it.

I would never do something I feel strongly against like porn related pics. A lot of people confuse art nude and fetish to porn they don't see the 'art' intent towards it. Being an alternative Asian model into fetish is certainly not common but I'm pleased to offer something exotic and different to people.

Vynx, asisn goth modelGGotW: You do performances, What kind?
Vynx: I used to be part of now dysnfuct alternative burlesque group, and since I enjoyed performing I decided to go it alone. My performance could be termed as neo-burlesque, I haven't really given it much thought what kind of performance I do, as I just do what I like and enjoy. My performance combines my love of martial arts and the creative flair of burlesque, I also have varied other acts which involve pain...and pleasure too otherwise where is the fun in that?

Vynx, gothic girl modelGGotW: Where do you perform?
Vynx: I usually would perform in fetish clubs.

GGotW: Do you have any shows coming up?
Vynx: I have been so busy with modeling and other projects that I have not performed for a while, but I do know that there are couple of shows that I am going to audition for which hopefully I am successful in. Also because one of my performances involves a samurai sword, it can make finding venues tricky (Health and Safety in a fetish club!!!)

GGotW: How do you define the Gothic scene and your niche in it?
Vynx: I think the Goth/Alt scene is pretty much alive and well here in London, and it's great! For me the goth/alt scene is so much more than the way we look or the type of music we listen to, it is also what you believe in - what you are passionate about. It's easy to blend and be part of the society because that's what the norm expect us to be, but being able to express yourself by just being who you are means it doesn't matter what people say or think. Everyone has a right to express their individuality and I respect people for that. People willVynx with black skull always look at you if you don't look the norm and criticize you for being different. I never jumped on the band wagon just to be accepted or conformed my ways because I'm comfortable with who I am and that's what matters - no one can take that away from you. This defines me as a person and how I approach my modeling.

GGotW: When you are out meeting other London Goths where are you?
Vynx: Usually clubs and pubs or gigs. My fave local is The Devonshire Arms - or The Dev in Camden Town and Intrepid Fox in London. My usual haunts are Sin, Inferno, Torture Garden, Club Rub, Club Subversion, Club Severine, Festival of Sin and Anti Christ.

GGotW: Do you explore your wild side outside on the UK?
Vynx: I'm always wild wherever I am...

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