Aug 2, 2008

2nd Feature: Maybe

gothgirl MaybeWhen Maybe first appeared in a March mini-feature for Goth Girl of the Week, she was barely dry from her nearly matricidal entry into the world. Now at 8 months old, Maybe is coming into her own as a small person, a small goth-punk model and even a small Hellraiser.

Maybe has learned quickly, from Mommy and Daddy that any day can be Halloween! With collections of skulls, gargoyles and swords, pet snakes and cats, and near constant musical stimulation, home is a step or two closer to Samhain than the house next door. One afternoon of dress up fun resulted in a "gothed out" Maybe, lounging on Da-da who was wearing his Pinhead t-shirt. The resulting pictures that Mommy snapped ended up in the hands of The Engineer, and one is now featured at, the official website of the legendary Hellraiser actor, who brought Pinhead to life.young goth girl Maybe

In the quiet times of Maybe's mad world, stories and snacks rule. Whether it's Goodnight Moon, The Great Shark Hunt, or one of Dad's epileptic epilogues, nothing relaxes a goth girl's blue eyes like a full tummy and good spoken words.

Maybe's older brother, Zane, has been hard at work trying to teach his baby sister Tang Soo Do forms (Zane himself is a green belt). Maybe, ever pragmatic, however is focusing her energy on crapretty goth girl, Maybewling and holding her bottle with her feet! Zane need not worry though, Maybe is a tough cutie and is teething tenaciously. She doesn't care for toys or teething rings...NO- Maybe crews and chomps on peoples fingers! This zombie like chewing began months ago, yet not one pearly white has made an appearance as of yet.

Can't walk?....Doesn't have teeth yet?...Lacking in hair?...No problem! With the true punk ethic, of "What you don't have doesn't matter", Maybe and Mommy's camera are having a ball with her blooming goth-baby modeling career.

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