Jan 24, 2009

Goth Girl of The Year 2008 winner

We are pleased to announce the winner of the 2008 Goth Girl of the Year.


Delilah in her tall black boots with ballet toes
The Italian beauty was featured on April 1st, 2007, but her win is no joke.

As happens every year it was a tough choice for all involved. The process was far from flawed with talk of voting each day, when Poll Daddy was only supposed to take one vote per computer. We'll have to work on that.

The public comments were a real disappointment to us. Some deplorable comments were made and deleted by the Administration, we should never have to do that. We will have to completely change the way the public participates in the voting process next year.

119 Comments were made and over 1300 poll votes, nearly tripling last years participation. Alia Noree edged out Raven in comments but, Ophelia's Overdose pulled off an impressive win on the poll with 35%. It was nice to see that no one received less than 5 votes.

The change in voting format for those of us that work behind the scenes work fantastically as without it we would have seen a three way tie.

Congratulations once again to Italy's Delilah. 2008's Goth Girl of the Year! We salute you right back.

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Anonymous said...

So call me stupid I understood that Ophelias Overdose won the poll but has not become GGoTY? That is mean!

Anonymous said...

uhm...so I don't get it...Delilah hardly had any votes compared to the other 3 girls but she won?...I guess this was set up even before the poll started...quite dissappointing...

Anonymous said...

Yeah this was so rigged because this girl had almost no votes to speak of, and on like the last two days that other girl came up with over 300 votes- no way is that possible!
The only two that were at all "real" were Alia Noree and Raven! I think me and all my friends will just stay away from this cheating site from now on.

Admin said...

To vote use the polldaddy tool in the top right of our page and leave a comment below for your favorite, this gives you the ability to make two votes this year. As in previous years the comments winner will get one point and the Polldaddy winner will get one point. there are eight other points cast.

The Public vote only counted for two votes (points) out of the possible 10 votes.

5 votes / points were cast in the last two weeks of the voting period by the 5 members that work behind the scenes of GGotW.

1 point was made form votes by the Girls that had been featured on the site in 2008.

1 point was from last year's GGotY, London Shadows.

1 point was reserved for a possible tie breaker run off.

We are sorry if this caused any confusion, but its the same way we've done it every year.

Anonymous said...

Still ridiculous that someone that wasn't even in the top three was chosen. If you people took over so much then why even pretend we even HAD a vote to speak of?

Dorian said...

I agree with everyone else that we think you two had set something up before the contest because that was so obvious!!!!! And also I know something is screwy because I voted for Raven my mom and you deleted my vote! Where does it say family isn't allowed a vote? That's not fair! My friends voted too and some of theirs were taken off and no one said anything bad about the other girls but I watched them write out the comments and half of them were removed. My mom lost a lot of comments for no good reason. Also you guys are against her I think because I saw her write to you 2x to update her info and you ignored her but you posted other girls updates! She wrote you to tell you people that hate her like you got her YouTube deleted and she had some new sites and she gave new pics too, because my friends like to go to her pages and support her so they kept looking here for her updates that you never gave her! I bet you'll delete this comment too like you did her votes and robbed her of her win! She's the most popular one here and you pissed off a lot of people with your cheating and I wonder who will see this, the truth! Before you get rid of me too?

Admin said...

The only update we received from Raven was that here Youtube account was down, and that she had a new one. That link has been changed. The new pictures that she sent were for the Goth Girl of the Year article, which is were it is used.

You assume to know a lot about what we do behind the scenes here at GGotW, but the truth is we only erased comments that were hurtful to others. "All the others are crap" is hurtful and unneeded for you to cast a vote. That was a comment left constantly. This is a peaceful blog set-up to promote the love of Gothic and Alt Modeling, if you don't link it, don't come here.

Dorian said...

Uh uh, see I knew you were going ot do that. I SAW her give you new pictures with my own eyes, I was right next to her both times she wrote you, and I know because she was complaining the 2nd time because you ignored her the 1st! I knew you were going to try to badmouth me and make yourselves seem innocent.

Erik said...

Sheesh. What was supposed ot be a friendly, fun competition turned very, very ugly, didn't it? I only hope everyone learns from this- this is no way to have a contest.