Oct 1, 2009

Feature: Violet Arcane

Violet Arcane model


GGotW: We loved the pics you sent. What photographers have you worked with?
VA: Thank you! I have worked with several top notch photographers- some of my favorites have been Soul of View Photography and James King Photography, both Atlanta-based. Valerie Photogoddess, Soft Focus Imagining, and Bejamin Linden, who are all Denver area-based, are some other favorites.

GGotW: Have you modeled any clothing lines?
VA: I have done some fashion show modeling, such as at DomCon, but so far no print or internet work. I hope to change that some day!

GGotW: You make clothes? Is there somewhere that people can buy them?
VA: Not yet. A lot of what I make clothing-wise is for myself or friends. I would love to start my own line though. People can buy synthetic dreads and other hairpieces from me, however, by contacting me through Myspace- I am getting ready to make a folder of available stock, and eventually, a seperate page.

GGotW: Where have you worked as a fetish performer?
VA: I started as a member of the Seduction Troupe in Jacksonville, FL. I then moved around the country for several years, doing shows in Louisville, Indianapolis, Denver, Colorado Springs, and Atlanta. I have done several shows for my friend Jsin, who runs Secretroom.net- he does parties for large events such as Skin Two and Fetishcon.

GGotW: What got you started as a model?
VA: I actually started doing Domme work first- I needed pictures for my websites. I enjoyed making new images so much that I continued doing it separate from Domme work.

GGotW: What got you started as a Dom?
VA: I went to Fetishcon in Tampa several years ago. I was only about 18, and it really opened my eyes- it was such an experience! I met some pro Dommes there and began doing my own work.

GGotW: Are you not Dominatrixing anymore?
VA: I have taken a bit of a break. I am still taking clients in the Raleigh area, but I stopped doing it full time so I could go to school.

GGotW: You say your boyfriend is in a band, what band?
VA: My boyfriend Halo is curently in Voodoo Velkro. They are getting ready to go on tour with Psyclon 9 and Imperative Reaction very soon, so keep a look-out; they may be in your neighborhood soon. He also does work with Skabdriver, but many of the two band's members are mutual, so Skabdriver is on a bit of a break while there is a focus on Voodoo Velkro.

GGotW: What does he do in the band?
Halo is very multi-talented; he is an excellent showman. He is capable of playing guitar, drums, and even bass in a pinch- and he can do it all while standing on stilts. Many people have never seen anything quite like it at an industrial show, and the crowd loves it. Right now, in Voodoo Velkro he is focusing on drums, but don't be suprised if you see him switch to guitar during the set.

GGotW: What is the bands style?
VA: Voodoo Velkro is an experimental/techno/industrial band. They are reminiscent of Lords of Acid with more industrial flavor. Their songs are very raunchy, and tons of fun to dance to. Skabdriver is a harder, more metal/industrial band. The songs are a bit more brutal.

GGotW: Do you do anything with the band?
VA: Everything I can! I went to Texas with Voodoo Velkro for the Thunder of the Gods Festival several months back. I help both bands with merch, and I cheerlead my heart out. I go-go danced for Voodoo Velkro's album release at Secretroom's Halloween Bash last year along with several other lovely ladies. I do all of Halo's costuming- I install his dreads, supplied his stage pants, and made his shirt with the help of a pair of scissors, some safety pins, paint, and lots of luv. I do his make-up as well. I've helped in a pinch at photo shoots, and I promote as much as I can- as if you couldn't tell. I also try to ensure Halo has enough Gatorade to drink- musicians really work up a sweat on stage. I help out other members as needed also- but they usually have their ducks in a row! :)

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Trivs said...

This girl is hot stuff. Watch out world!

Erich said...

Wow, what a woman!

Tyla said...

She's whipped me before... And it was veryvery hot. I remember the days when she was the one tied up! Not the one doing the knots...

Seisrush Ob said...

You got whipped by her!?!
Lucky devil!

Morgana said...

I'm envious. She's gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

I like real girls..with all real parts.