Mar 24, 2011

Feature: Anneke Necrophyle



GGotW: You are not the first Goth model on GGotW from Espaina, is there a large Gothic crowd in Spain?
AN: I'm not considered a Goth, because I love a lot of music styles and aesthetics, like metal, punk, afterpunk, noise, blues... etc. When I was 14 years old, and started to get into alternative things, we were very few. Now things have changed, the alternative movement emerging like it did in the 80's.

GGotW: Your a clothing designer. What do you design?
I design lingerie, corsetry and latex costumes. All the clothes I wear on stage are designed and created by me.

GGotW: Are you wearing any of you designs in your shoots?
AN: Not yet, now I'm working on my first lingerie collection. At the moment I'm currently only working for stylist.

GGotW: When you do photo shots, are the photographers coming to you or are you traveling?
AN: Depends, I have worked with several photographers from Barcelona, sometimes (but rarely) I had to travel, my problem is that I haven't much time, I have to combine the dance, photo shoots and design, sometimes It's really crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!

GGotW: What photographers have you worked with?
AN: I shot with a lot of Spanish photographers (Tentesion, Yasmina Moya, Polymer Boy, Claude Guerra, Darkmoon & Blackwolf Studio...) and I've worked with a few French and Italian photographers too. Now I'm working a lot with Lolo Font (one of my favorites photographers from Spain) and I'm work at Raw Estudio like a workshop model and stylist.

GGotW: What keeps you going?
AN: Dancing!!!! Modeling is more relaxing than dance!

GGotW: What came first dance, or modeling?
AN: I started dance classes four years ago, and I start acting about two years ago, and I started to modeling almost parallel.
But dance has always present in my life.

GGotW: What do you spend the most amount of time doing?
AN: I need to try to dance at least four or five hours a day. It's a really sacrifice!

GGotW: Where do you perform?
AN: I have been dancing at a vintage club in Barcelona, called Minusa, and at several festivals in Barcelona, but last year I had a knee injury and I turned away from the stage. Now I have some new shows!

GGotW: I understand you also do Burlesque, can you describe your act?
AN: Sometimes I perform an antique striptease like 20's to 40's, sometimes even I perform a Victorian striptease, but normally I combine the Belly-dance and the 1990's exotic dances with the classic Burlesque. My references are Mata Hari, Tórtola Valencia and film characters like Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra.
I combine several elements like the veils, swords, daggers or candles.

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