Mar 17, 2011

Feature: Dia



GGotW: I understand you design fashions, what kind of stuff do you do?
Dia: Here you can see what kind of fashion we do:

GGotW: Have you done much modeling?
Dia: I was Miss Diaspora Germany in 2004 and yes i have done modeling in Germany.

GGotW: What do you like about goth Modeling?
Dia: I like the Gothic style. I like the way it represents me.

GGotW: What got you started making fashions?
Dia: I took attended a three year Fashion school in Germany, and have been busy making fashions since.

GGotW: Do you travel around a lot for your modeling?
Dia: No i did not travel for modeling any time, to me is more important to create than to model.

GGotW: Why did you start to model?
Dia: I began modeling some occasionally in Germany, where I've lived

GGotW: I understand you just had a baby in February. How do you see the baby affecting your fashion business and your shoots?
Dia: My baby is 1st place now, he doesn't affect my designing career but my time for anything else is limited.

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