Jun 12, 2011

Feature: MaryC

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GGotW: I understand you are a writer. What kinds of stuff do you write?
MaryC: I love the Gothic Literature and I started to write goth novels when I was 16. A few years ago I sent my dark stories to various editors with good results, so I decided to continue. Actually I’m working on a dark urban story and a few short stories, so... Stay tuned!

GGotW: You've done modeling for artists, do you sit and pose or do they generally photograph you and work from that?
MaryC: A few times I tried to sit and pose, but it’s very boring for me and hard for the artist, while working from photos is more simple because he can complete the work in more sessions. I shared some dark pictures in the web, then I’ve found many artists who painted me.

GGotW: How would you characterize your style?
MaryC: It depends on the mood and on what I want to realize with each particular image , but I often choose dark, gothic and retrò-alternative style. I 'm interested in all things that can be a source of inspiration for not conventional art and beauty and

I love recreating the atmosphere of the gothic literature with the most dark and enchanting representation of the beauty.

GGotW: Would you say you're a typical Italian Goth?
MaryC: I don’t know... Probably it isn’t so, because I have no piercing or tatoos over my body, while all the other alternative models (Italians and foreigns) are famous for their ones! However, I always try to be open to different ideas and concepts. I think I’m quiet versatile and it is very easy to work with me, tatoos or not tatoos!

GGotW: What are you reading/watching/ listening to these days?
MaryC: I'm reading Gerald's Game by Stephen King and The Story of One Forgotten by Marie Corelli. I love every kind of music, but in these days I prefer Evanescence and The Rasmus. I always watch so many movies, but now I'd love to see the new by Robert Rodriguez, Machete.

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stunning lady!