May 22, 2013

Profile: La Catrin

GGotW: What prompted you to go solo after a career as a frontwoman?
LC: It was time. I was already writing songs for my debut and they clearly weren't anything like what I was already doing. I wanted to explore my autonomy. You can't do that when you're in a band, at least not entirely.

GGotW: What inspires your songwriting?
LC: Everything. The world is a pretty fascinating place to me.

GGotW: What got you started musically?
LC: It's what I've always done, ever since I was a little baby girl. Maybe it started in the womb, who knows? Possibly even before that.

GGotW: Were your parents musical?
LC: My grandfather on my mom's side was a saxophone player. My mom is tone deaf but she can sing, albeit off key. She's got great vibrato. When I was little we used to sit on the porch and she would be like "Okay Kari, (Karina is my middle name) let me hear you 'swing' ". That meant she wanted me to end every line in a song with Vibrato. Other than that, people aren't musical in my family. My bio dad was, but he doesn't count.

GGotW: Any thoughts of a tour? Canada maybe?
LC: I would love to tour! I love traveling & waking up in a different city each day. I miss it. I'd love to perform all over Canada! Have your people call my people

GGotW: What fascinates you the most right now?
LC: People watching. I do that a lot. I like to watch people interacting with one another. It's like watching a silent movie. It's fun to guess what's going on based on their body language. I don't have a tv so that's my substitute

GGotW: Where do you see you and your career in five to six years?
LC: I see myself out of America  overseas a lot, performing in some of the worlds highly mystical places.

GGotW: When you're in the studio, are you the kind to lay down tracks quick, because you do a lot of prep, and get out? Or do you take your time and make absolutely sure they're 100% perfect before leaving?
LC: The latter, for sure. I don't do much prep before the studio. There's a huge part of me that approaches life by 'winging it'. I feel like I'm doing myself a disservice by calculating too much so i just set the intention and let the Universe unfold the path for me. A tiny bit of prep and mostly magic & serendipity. That's how I work best :-)

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