Sep 24, 2006

Feature: Sindel Chaos

Goth model Sindel Chaos behind frosted glass

Imperial34b"27"37"5"6'120 lbs
86cm69cm94cm168cm54 Kg

GGotW: What lead you to your name?
SC: "Sindel Chaos" is a stage name. A friend and I made it a long time ago. She gave me Sindel (no it doesn't have anything to do with Mortal Kombat) and I added Chaos because someone described my life as being chaotic and I felt I needed a last name.

GGotW: What part of the USA do you live in?
SC: Right now, I live in the Midwest. The closest semi-big cities to me are Joplin and Springfield, MO

GGotW: So do you find you need to travel a lot for gigs?
SC:Travel is an absolute must. Even when I relocate to a city, I will do a lot of traveling.

Sindel Chaos in Gothic wedding dressGGotW: What lead you to modeling?
SC: I would have to say my sister. She was the one whom originally wanted to be a model. She got discouraged and quickly quit. Her interest got me wondering if I was photogenic enough to do it, so I thought I'd try it. I loved it and haven't stopped.

GGotW: What kind of modeling did you start with?
SC: I was just wanting to model, period. The idea started off as mainstream high fashion, but I've always loved dark art or anything out of the ordinary. The clothes I'd end up wearing were of a darker shade, anyway. When I turned 13, I realized the work I was doing was geared towards the gothic genre and not so much the typical commerical mainstream world.

GGotW: Why are you now doing gothic modeling?
SC: There are quite a few reasons why I approve it over the mainstream world. Firstly, because it's reflecting more of who I am. I also get to be more of an artist. The photographer and I collaborate on the look and idea we want to portray, thus giving me more creative control. In mainstream modeling, there's not a whole lot of that. It's more of "sell the product," and a lot of the time, it's stuff I wouldn't use or wear. I have to make not only the product, but myself, appealing to the more traditional crowd. There are also very strict rules agency represented models have to follow like having very specific height and weight requirements.

Couple in goth clothesGGotW: Who's your favourite photographer to work with?
SC: I've felt very honored working with the majority of the people I've worked with. They're all so unique from their personalities all the way down to the style and technique of shooting. The photographer that I've worked with most and seem to have clicked with is . I just really love the way he shoots, he's hilarious, and I consider him one of my best friends. His make-up artist, Dena, is exceptional and all three of us just connect on this weird level allowing us to make great work.

goth couple in red and black clothingGGotW: What keeps you busy when you're not modeling?
SC: When I'm not modeling I'm networking, writing, reading, making candles, studying to be an esthetician, and talking to friends.

GGotW: When you model are the clothes yours already, or are they bought / designed special for the shoot?
SC: Both. Sometimes, I buy or alter stuff, my mom makes stuff, someone else involved makes stuff, or a store/designer/website contributes stuff they'd like to be featured on their website or other promotional materials.

GGotW: What is the coolest thing you've ever shot?
SC: It's hard to decide. I had a lot of fun shooting at a carnival for Pink Label Corsets. There is also a shoot I did in Brooklyn, where we found all these unused sinks in the trash, so we carried them into the studio and smashed them up. We had all the porcelain scattered around with me in the center laying in a sink.

GGotW: What is the most bizare thing you've ever shot?
SC: The weirdest stuff and most difficult is when I'm doing graphic art work. I'm put up against a plain backdrop and told the situation or the environment where I'll be placed, and then have to pose with nothing more than an idea. For example, I was going to be a mermaid. My legs were going to be edited out and fins edited where my legs were going to be. I had to stand up and appear to be swimming. I really had to imagine myself in an underwater world and try to get my upper body to appear how we wanted it.

GGotW:Have you ever been ask to do something at a shoot and weren't sure you wanted to?
I'm a very open person and I'm up for trying new things and experimenting trial by error as long as it's not against my morals. The few times that it has happened, I've never reshot with the photographer because as I expected, the selected shots didn't turn out along with the majority of the photos, they were a bad sport about it, or both.

GGotW: What's up next for you?
SC: Well, I have a ton of requests to shoot, so I'll definately be working down my list as time and finances allow. I'm also working on more publication work. I'm due out in around December, so that's really cool. I'd like to relocate very soon, so I will be working on that as well. I'm also thinking about doing acting work, but am still debating it.

GGotW: When you started , was there a purpose behind it other than exposure?
SC: It was for exposure and an easier more direct way of contacting me. In my opinion, a personal website appears more professional when you are working with people online. I hope to add more sections for my writing and candlemaking skills.

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That lower pic with the guy is cool.

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I love your pictures, you are very beautiful. When you click on the banner to go to your site, it is the wrong one. It takes you to but it is supposed to go to Just thought you might want to know. I checked out your site and it is beautiful too.

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Links are now fixed, thank you for helping us make the update.

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Ilove your gaze. For me she should become winner of 2006. She can be proud.